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$8.4m fraud: Ajudua’s lawyer absconds midway into cross-examination of Bamaiyi



$8.4m fraud: Ajudua’s lawyer absconds midway into cross-examination of Bamaiyi

A gentle dramatization happened at an Ikeja High Court on Tuesday as safeguard counsel, Mr. Allen Agbaka, departed suddenly from court halfway into the interrogation of resigned Lt.- Gen. Ishaya Bamaiyi, a previous Chief of Army Staff.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Agbaka is a piece of the group safeguarding Fred Ajudua blamed for cheating Bamaiyi of $8.4 million when the resigned General was detained at the Kirikiri Maximum Prisons.

Amid procedures on Tuesday which started at 11.00a.m., Agbaka who was holding brief for Mr. Olalekan Ojo (SAN), Ajudua’s lead counsel, educated the court that Ojo was inaccessible to question Bamaiyi because of sick wellbeing.

Agbaka additionally told the court that he was likewise doing combating sick wellbeing yet would proceed to question Bamaiyi for Ojo’s benefit.

At 12.40p.m., Agbaka educated the court that he might want to look for a delay of the preliminary since he had a regular checkup at 1.00pm.

Equity Josephine Oyefeso glared at the solicitation, saying that resistance had conveyed strategies to postpone the preliminary of the case which was at first documented in court in 2013.

She questioned Abaka’s case, noticing that he had dynamically interviewed Bamaiyi.

She decided that the preliminary would be remained down for 30 minutes till 1.10p.m. to empower him to invigorate and finish up the questioning.

At 1.10p.m. at the point when the court continued sitting, Agbaka was missing in court and had given Ajudua a transcribed note which expressed that he needed to keep his medicinal arrangement.

Oyefeso held that Agbaka acted disdainfully of the court.

She remained down the preliminary for an additional 30 minutes to empower the advice to come back to finish up the questioning.

At 2.38p.m., when the court continued sitting, Agbaka was as yet missing.

Responding to the advancement, Mr. Seidu Atteh, first directly to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), said that Abaka’s activity was amateurish.

“What he did sums to hatred of the court, he just left. This isn’t the standard of conduct expected of a legitimate specialist,” the arraignment counsel said.

Tending to the court, Ajudua stated: “My ruler, I indeed apologize for the direction of Mr. Alex Agbaka. He had a meeting with his specialist for 1 pm.

“On the off chance that your lordship is careful, an intermission will be the best choice for me. My ruler on the off chance that you should demand, I will get a kick out of the chance to interview PW1 (Bamaiyi). Give us a chance to perceive how far we can go.”

Equity Oyefeso in a decision grimaced at the continuous postponement in the preliminary which she said was at the occurrence of the protection.

She stated: “The safeguard advice’s lead isn’t setting a good case for the more youthful ones coming behind. This is a case that had endured untold postponement since 2013 when the data was recorded.

“The case was before respectable Justice Ipaye from that point till 2016 when it was relegated to me.

“It experienced applications testing ward, looking for suppressing of the charges. Decisions were conveyed expelling the applications.

“The respondent was at last charged on May 16, 2017. Preliminary did not begin until November 26, 2018, when the court took the proof in-head of PW1. Questioning, at last, started on February 21.

“It proceeded on April 3, May 8, and today, May 14 still on PW1. I concur that Mr. Agbaka educated the court that he was not feeling great, but instead he proceeded to proceed with the questioning and nobody can trust that there was anything amiss with him.

“He reserved no privilege to compose the court and no privilege to leave the court after the court had remained down. The direct of the barrier is most unbecoming of guidance and must be upbraided in solid terms.”

The judge, nonetheless, suspended the case until June 14 for the continuation of Bamaiyi’s interrogation.

NAN reports that prior amid the interrogation, Bamaiyi told the court that he gave Ajudua who is a legal advisor, the assets since he confided in him to enlist for his sake, the legitimate administrations of Chief Afe Babalola (SAN).

“I didn’t brief Ajudua as a legal counselor; he was the person who needed to help me. I confided in the respondent, and how he approached help, I thought he was real.

“The cash was to experience the litigant to Afe Babalola. I knew about Afe Babalola before this case; he is an exceptionally well known legal advisor; that was the reason he was prescribed to me.

“The cash was paid in clusters; such vast numbers of individuals gave the respondent the money – a sum of multiple times.

“The litigant said we ought not to pay the legitimate charges in naira, that it will be massive, and I spent a sum of $8.6 million to the respondent.

“There was no chance the litigant will demonstrate to me a composed bill from Afe Babalola because the entire exchange was not straight. It was misleading,” Bamaiyi said.

The resigned General told the court that he recorded every one of the money related exchanges he had with Ajudua in a journal and that his legal expenses for his different legal counselors were paid by his more youthful sibling, Sen. Danladi Bamaiyi, and Alhaji Adamu Aliero, a former legislative head of Kebbi.

NAN reports that as per the indictment, Ajudua was imprisoned at the Kirikiri Maximum Prisons over supposed misrepresentation, while Bamaiyi was detained over supposed inclusion in the endeavored homicide of Mr. Alex Ibru, the distributor of the Guardian paper when Ajudua purportedly hoodwinked him.

The indictment claims that Ajudua had close by individual assistants, drew nearer Bamaiyi in the jail in 2004.

The litigant purportedly persuaded Bamaiyi that he could employ the lawful administrations of Chief Afe Babalola (SAN) to help secure his opportunity from Kirikiri, with Ajudua supposedly deceitfully getting $8.4 million as legal expenses.

At the point when the supposed extortion became known, the law assemblies of Afe Babalola and Co. issued a disclaimer, disassociating itself from the case.


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