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All Cameroon refugees to take over Nigerian communities



Cameroon refugees to take over Nigerian communities ,More than ten thousand refugees have seized all the refugee camps in the local government area of ​​Ogoja in Cross River State.

The Ogoja refugee camp was intended for four thousand refugees, but it is being occupied by more than ten thousand refugees; with most of them from Cameroon refugees to take over Nigeria Comunites.

Speaking while receiving members of a sociocultural organization, the National Association of Marine Dogs that visited the camp to donate food to the refugees, Mr. Hilary Agida, staff of the State Emergency Management Agency of Cross River, regretted that the influx has spread too much The facilities in the camp.

He said that an additional camp was created to accommodate the influx, but that too much has been flooded, which makes the situation desperate only for the state government.

“There are two refugee camps here in Ogoja, one in Adagom and the other in Akpakpanga, and both camps have witnessed a constant influx of refugees sprawling over the facilities here and something must be done to address the situation before witnessing a disaster here. ”

As a result, Agida said that the camps are under the supervision of the United Nations, which registers those who enter the camp to keep information on how many people have been displaced so far by the violence in southern Cameroon.

He explained that the struggle between those who were agitating for independence in the southern part of that country and the security agencies began in 2017 and that the association was moved by the plight of refugees who are experiencing difficulties.

By donating food to the refugees, the zonal president of the National Association of Sea Dogs, Prince Joseph Besong said that the donation of bags of rice, yam tubers, garri and toiletries would help to keep the refugees.

“These people live without any source of income and we believe it is necessary that we provide them with help by providing them with some food and supplies for their children.”

He called on the United Nations to help quickly resolve the conflict so that refugees can return to their homes and live in peace and develop their country.

“In addition to providing an agreement for these people, the UN must intervene and ensure a rapid resolution of the crisis so that these people can take their children home and provide them with an adequate education,” he said.

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