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Amosun paid workers’ deductions as promised, says NLC



Director of the Nigeria Labor Congress, Ogun State part, Emmanuel Bankole has said that the active Governor Ibikunle Amosun has paid the specialists’ findings as guaranteed.

The NLC Chairman told our journalist only on the telephone on Tuesday while eliminating any confusion air on the implication that the Governor has reneged on his guarantee to pay the findings.

Amosun had met a few accumulations of extraordinary derivations owed the laborers in the state since he expected office in 2011.

The Governor had half a month back amid the Workers’ Day festivity held in Abeokuta told the laborers they would begin accepting credit alert following 24 hours.

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However, a couple of days after, specialists presently couldn’t seem to get any alarm, this improvement incited suggestions from the laborers that the Governor probably won’t have paid the cash.

Our journalist accumulated that the N20.2 billion had been paid as declared by the Governor before Workers’ Day.

It was accumulated that the postponement in the installment was brought about by the managers of cooperatives who allegedly clutched the cash.

At the point when asked whether the specialists have begun getting alarms, the NLC director affirmed that a significant number of laborers have started accepting credit cautions.

He stated, “(A) great number of them (specialists), truly, have been paid.”

He, in any case, said neighborhood governments laborers were not all that fortunate as there were yet to get alarms.

He said “Aside from neighborhood governments laborers, most have not been paid.

“Every one of the findings has been paid. I can affirm this to you”.

The NLC Chairman, nonetheless, said that the active Governor had not paid the left reward and contributory benefits.

“But the left reward and contributory benefits,” he said.


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