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Anambra community forbids masks, gives reasons.



Anambra community forbids masks, gives reasons.

Okija people group in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State has prohibited exercises of impostors in the region.

The people group affirmed that impostors had transformed into cliques, which assaulted individuals without risk of punishment.

Tending to columnists yesterday at his castle, the conventional leader of the network, Igwe Emeka Okezie, said the town would never again endure the exercises of impostors in the city.

He stated, “The Okija people group holds impostors celebrations in most extreme adoration, yet won’t overlook it in the current situation.

“Generally, impostors show up in the general population at a particular time of the year and assume important jobs in the festival of the social celebration. Be that as it may, today, the dread of impostors has turned into an issue in Okija as impostors have swung themselves to fear.”

The ruler said before; impostors were viewed as the methods for keeping up harmony and request and were utilized as law requirement specialists.

He noticed that the whole town would turn out for the function of the bright impostors with amusement through move and display of additional human accomplishments.

He included that impostors would approach certain people and uproariously uncover any unfortunate propensities, wrongdoing or lousy conduct of that individual as individuals would dependably take revisions from the exposures.

Okezie included that the impostors were convincing in staying aware of the common standards and qualities in the network.

“Today in Okija, impostors have swung themselves to fear at commercial centers, streets, parks and other open places in the town,” he said.

Okezie expressed that Okija had, subsequently, prohibited impostors in the network until further notice.

The ruler said the board had been set up to deal with the issue, including that anybody, who might turn out with impostors would be dealt with appropriately.

The Chairman of the Committee on Masquerade Affairs, Chief Sylvester Obiako, stated, “Individuals don’t get down to business anymore.

“The case was brought to lgwe-in-Council, and they set up a board of trustees that will investigate the case dependent on a few reports to empower the training to move at the same time.

“Our impostors have swung to something different today. They gather tolls from drivers and harm their vehicles; travelers additionally assault them. Impostors and those included beat ladies are transforming the impostors into clique individuals,” Obiako expressed.

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