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Assassins after me, my son for supporting Buhari – Mrs Obasanjo



Assassins after me, my son for supporting Buhari – Mrs Obasanjo

Wife of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Mrs. Taiwo Obasanjo has said that her life and that of her child Olujonwo is under danger because of their choice to help President Muhammadu Buhari in the last decision.

Talking with GISTOK on Sunday, Mrs. Obasanjo said she was dependably informed that somebody, who isn’t satisfied with her choice to help Buhari, sent the professional killer to kill her and her child who is openly supporting President Buhari.

She said reliable data available to her unveiled that Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has paid the professional killers who are as of now trailing her to slaughter her and her Son Olujonwo. Mrs. Obasanjo said the professional killers plan to execute her first and influence it to show up as an equipped theft task.

As indicated by her, the second period of the plot is to kill her child, Olujonwo in another outfitted theft assault. She stated: ” I need the world to realize that my life and that of my child, Olujonwo is under danger for supporting President Muhammadu Buhari in the last race.

” An entirely dependable source has educated me that ‘Baba’ Obasanjo has conveyed professional killers to slaughter my child and me since he is unsettled that we bolstered Buhari to win the last race. ” They have been paid to execute us and make it resemble an equipped theft assault.

I am shouting out now to let the entire world realize who to fault if anything happens to my child and me. Since my child and I communicated our help for Buhari’s organization and his mission for re-appointment, Baba Obasanjo has not been content with us. I am speaking to any individual who knows ‘Baba’ to please let him know not to murder my Son and me.

It ought not to become wrongdoing that must bring my Son passing since we are supporting President Buhari and me. “I am additionally engaging the police and other security organizations to please go to our guide. This is an absolute risk and the police ought to please support us.” This isn’t fanciful or consideration was chasing or attention stunt.

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