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Atiku advice Muslims what to do for Nigeria



Atiku advice Muslims what to do for Nigeria

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, 2019 presidential competitor, Atiku Abubakar, has asked Muslims to utilize the Ramadan time frame to petition God for Nigeria.

Abubakar charged the Muslim Ummah likewise to utilize the Ramadan time frame to re-devote and re-interface themselves to the ethics of Prophet Muhammad.

The previous Vice President gave the bring in an announcement he by and by marked and posted on his confirmed Facebook handle, on Monday.

The announcement understands: “I welcome the Muslim Ummah as we start the period of Ramadan and I encourage that we utilize this holy and August month to appeal to God for our beyond a reasonable doubt cherished country and its kin.

“Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said, “When the period of Ramadan begins, the entryways of paradise are opened.” Give us a chance to exploit these open sky to make Ramadan intervention to support our nation, our kin and ladies and for humankind as a race.

“I approach the whole gang to recollect that Nigerians are who might make Nigeria either incredible or bleak through our contemplations, words, and activities. Along these lines, Ramadan is an open door for us to rededicate ourselves to the ideas shown by the Prophet.

“Ideals, for example, kindly love and network soul, without which a nation will be only an empty shell.

“When we make standards our objective this Ramadan, we will, by Allah’s effortlessness, have the capacity to achieve a defining moment in our individual, family and social lives that will realize the resurrection of Nigeria as a country that functions to give harmony, advancement and thriving to every single native.

“Consequently, as we utilize this fasting time of Ramadan to ace ourselves through order, restraint, supplication, and selflessness, may Allah (SWT) hear our petitions and oversee us with the goal that we will complete what we began today healthy and a sound body.

“A portion of our difficulties may appear as though they will overpower us, however amid the long stretch of Ramadan, our association and re-association with Allah (SWT) make our purpose more grounded and our difficulties more fragile. We are in this manner ready to pick up another rent of life and an intensely divine worldview of conceivable outcomes over problems. This is the excellence of Ramadan.

“May Allah favor you, my siblings and sisters, may Allah favor Nigeria and may Allah hear your supplications. Amin.”

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