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Biafra technology had solution to Nigeria’s problems –Tsav



Biafra technology had solution to Nigeria’s problems –Tsav

Senior statesman and previous Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, Abubakar Tsav, has said that Nigeria would have been among created countries if it had tapped the developments of Biafra after the current war.

As per him, the inability to acknowledge the Biafran innovation after the war and the progressive degenerate initiative Nigeria has had throughout the years has been in charge of the nation’s poor advancement records.

In a meeting with Sun paper, Tsav stated: “I implore that individuals who are coming currently are the individuals who have the enthusiasm of the general population on a fundamental level and are God-dreading; they are there to profit, yet are there to serve the country.

“Since the finish of the conventional war, we have not been advancing as a country in light of the fact that amid the universal war for example, when the Biafrans were kept to their domain, they had no alternative than to gadget a methods for survival, and they had the option to make bombs, mines, refine oil-based commodities, and other innovative accomplishments.

“On the off chance that we had acknowledged them, when the war was finished, at this point we would have gone a long ways past where we are today; we would have been mechanically best in class.

“We never accomplished that since we are not joined together, we are immoral and childish. In the event that we had tapped the resourcefulness of the Biafrans, those creations, and so forth, Nigeria would have been a long ways ahead than what we are today, yet sadly, debasement came in light of the fact that everyone needed to profit for himself; that is the reason we are in this sorry state now.

“Through debasement, individuals are getting quite a lot of money that they don’t have a clue about the number of houses they have, and that is the reason we are as yet battling that we can’t deliver normal toothpick in this nation; we can’t create tissue in this nation. Every one of these things is imported from various nations of the world. It is a major disgrace to be sure.”


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