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Boko Haram: Terrorists attack Ngala, attempt to overrun IDPs camp



Boko Haram: Terrorists attack Ngala, attempt to overrun IDPs camp

An obscure number of psychological militants Wednesday evening at about 7 pm, endeavored to drive their way into an Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, camp close to the United Nations center point in Nambour Ngala neighborhood government region of Borno state in Northeast Nigeria.

Every day POST accumulated that they met firm obstruction from fighters positioned at and around the camp and the UNhelpful center point, and were fruitful repulsed.

A few IDPs, be that as it may, disclosed to DAILY POST that there were setbacks on the two sides, the quantity of which couldn’t be found out as there was no answer to questions looking for authority articulation on the loss figures from the military as at press time.

As indicated by reports from Ngala, the assault may not be detached with an endeavor to plunder things from the greatest portable stockpiling unit in the neighborhood government.

“We presume that the fear-based oppressors are out with the objective of assaulting the helpful center just as the capacity unit to plunder sustenance and things,” a security source disclosed to DAILY POST.

Despite the fact that the degree of harm can’t be found out as at the season of documenting this report, sources said there has been the nearness of Boko Haram bunch around Ngala, and assaults thusly may increment particularly with the beginning of the Ramadan quick.


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