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Briggs Reveal What Nigerian Army did to me during elections



Dr. Aluye Briggs, a Medical Director accountable for Health Center in Akuku-Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State, has described what he endured in the hands of Nigerian Army amid the February 23 and March 9, 2019, general decisions.

Briggs showed up before a Judicial Commission of Inquiry, set up to research the killings, kidnappings and another enemy of social acts amid the surveys.

Briggs told the Justice Monima Danagogo-drove commission that the Army undermined and dehumanized him for treating casualties of shot injuries on decision day.

“I got a call at about 7 am from one of the medical attendants that people who had shots damage were at the wellbeing focus. I solicited her the degree from the injuries. She said two were gravely harmed and draining abundantly.

“I said on the off chance that it isn’t something we can deal with, they ought to be moved to Port Harcourt. I couldn’t get to the wellbeing focus on schedule, because the whole network (Abonnema) was in disarray.

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“It took me very nearly an hour to get to the office. As I got to the wellbeing focus, I began hearing discharges from all sides. I went to the waterfront and met JTF. I disclosed to them I needed to close the office to spare my head. The officer said no, that if there is anybody with wounds, I need to treat the individual.

“We treated around 18 or 19 people. However, when the issue expanded, the number of people with firearm wounds grew cosmically. I can’t give the precise amount.

“We were there till 5:05 pm and JTF agents raged there in their numbers. I let them know not to shoot anybody there. They were in their contingent and were so strained and frightened. They came and asked me ‘where are the offenders stowing away.’

“They began breaking the entryways, taking steps to shoot me; and they gave me a military slap, tore my garments and utilized their military boots to hit my midriff. We (counting other wellbeing specialists) were dehumanized. They took us in their Hilux van to Bori Camp (6 Division).

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“When we arrived, we were requested to sit on the floor. I was addressed on why I should treat them. I revealed to them specialists are not to isolate, be it a religious alliance, political or clans.

“I let them know (Army workforce) that we are to treat everybody including our companions and adversaries. Under the Geneva Convention, 1949, specialists have three charges. ‘We ought not to participate in brutality or battle; we should treat all setbacks regardless of religion, clan and three, we ought to talk reality to the warring groups”, he clarified.

Briggs told the commission that through the mediation of the Nigerian Medical Association NMA, and other therapeutic expert bodies, he and different partners were liberated following 73 hours.


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