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Buhari tackling tremor, earthquake, buildings collapse in Nigeria –Onu



Buhari tackling tremor, earthquake, buildings collapse in Nigeria –


President Muhammadu Buhari has found a way to handle earth tremor, quake, building breakdown and other catastrophic events in the nation.

Priest of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbannaya Onu, unveiled this when he authorized Administrative Complex, Very Long Baseline Interferometry Laboratory in Toro, Bauchi State.

Onu, who additionally initiated the Auditorium at the National Center for Remote Sensing, Jos, Plateau State.

He noticed that administration had taken sufficient measures to guarantee the foundation of Seismic construction regulations and authorization of same in the nation through fundamental lawmaking body.

This is to manage against routine with regards to deception, development and building industry.

“A few tasks financed by President Muhammadu Buhari-drove government are consecrated to the acknowledgment of our aggregate determination to keep on observing those exercises that may offer ascent to seismic tremors later on just as alleviating their effects when they happen since no one can stop their event.

The ongoing frequencies of earth tremors and building crumple in certain pieces of the nation, Federal Government is balanced at receiving vital measures to guarantee the foundation of Seismic building regulations and underwriting of same in Nigeria to direct against the healthy routine with regards to misrepresentation in development and building industry.

The clergyman lamented the ongoing passings recorded because of structure breakdown in parts of the nation and called for an all-out an update of the structure industry in the nation.

He said his service and the central government are working resolutely to create both human and characteristic assets so as to cross over any barrier that exists between the nation and Technological Advanced Nations of the World.

The Director-General, National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), Prof. Saidu Mohammed said the VLBI and Seismic system and checking will support the nation.


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