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Cardinal Onaiyekan rages against Buhari government



The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, John Cardinal Onaiyekan, has said that the administration may keep on being not interested in the security circumstance in the nation until President Muhammadu Buhari or any individual from his close family was seized.

The priest, who went after the Buhari Government’s apparent weakness notwithstanding Nigeria’s mounting security challenges, said the legislature could never again ensure the security of the general population.

As per Vanguard, Onaiyekan blamed a few people inside the passages for the intensity of “working together” with the country’s condition of frailty.

He stated, “Is it until the President himself or an individual from his close family is captured before the legislature will take care of abducting?

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“Why seizing is going on reliably on explicit streets and the security specialists can’t isn’t that right?

“Does it mean there are associates among them and the general population at the top dimensions of government?

“The legislature and police have disclosed to us a few times that they have set up abnormal state security checks and that they have cleared the streets however the lawbreakers are as yet working on the streets.

“It is miserable that the hijackers work consistently on the Thruway and request emancipate and go to the degree of gathering the payoff without being captured. It appears to be a few people who are working with the country’s frailty.”


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