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Constituents tell Ekweremadu that We have the final say



Natives of Enugu West Senatorial Zone have proclaimed that the choice over who might speak to them in 2023 lies in their grasp.

This is coming in response to the announcement by the Senator speaking to the zone, the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu that he would end his stay in the Red Chamber by 2023.

He dropped the clue amid his birthday festivity in Enugu last Sunday.

Be that as it may, in an announcement marked by partners from the zone, among whom are Hon Alex Ogbonna, Rt. S.K.E Udeh Okoye, Hon. Chigozie Akali, Rt. Hon Donatus Uzogbado, Hon. Ralph Onovo, Hon Mike Chukwu, and Hon. Princess Chioma Chiaha, they said the constituents maintained whatever authority is needed to figure out where Sen. Ike Ekweremadu’s administrations were generally reasonable.

The announcement read, “Our consideration has been attracted to a comment by His Excellency, Sen. Prof. Ike Ekweremadu, Ph.D., CFR, Deputy Senate President amid his 57th birthday festivity as of late in Enugu State such that he won’t look for re-appointment into the Senate come 2023.

“While our regard and profound respect for the Distinguished Senator stays unshaken, we are disapproved to express that Senator Ike Ekweremadu is a result of our aggregate command and to that degree responsible to his constituents in all issues identifying with his administrations to our kin; including his choices concerning his political future in 2023.

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“As a people, we maintain whatever authority is needed to figure out where Sen. Ike Ekweremadu’s administrations are most appropriate for the general enthusiasm of our kin. At the proper time, we will choose on the off chance that we are best served by his proceeded to remain in the Senate or something else.

“We are sure that in his meteoric ascent to unmistakable quality in Nigeria and the world everywhere, he has had next to zero control in deciding his decision of the administration to his kin. For example, it was individuals from his age grade in Mpu that by and large chose to endow him with the chairmanship of the age grade at once the least anticipated it at the young age of 10.

“The equivalent is valid about the choice of the whole Mpu people group to choose him as the President-General of the Town Union. His race as the Executive Chairman of Aninri LG was likewise the result of the aggregate choice of the Leaders of Thought of Aninri LGA.”

They included that “his turning into the Chief of Staff to previous Governor Chimaroke Nnamani and later the Secretary to the Enugu State Government was additionally a serendipitous interchange of powers including the former representative and other real partners in Enugu State around then who needed him to serve in such limits.

“The equivalent is valid for his race into the Senate in 2003, which was an aggregate choice of the general population of Enugu-West.

“Of importance is the way that in his ongoing re-appointment into the Senate for a record fifth term, the choice was not his but rather an aggregate determination of the general population of Enugu-West who themselves purchased the selection structure for him.

“We additionally make intense to express that his rise as the Deputy Senate President for a record third term was not of his own volition but instead by the aggregate endorsement of his partners in the Senate who found in him an exceptional characteristic and ability to serve in that position.

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“Generally, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu’s political direction could be compared to the breeze, which you can hear yet can’t tell where it originates from or where it is going. In a similar vein, nobody can clarify how Ike Ekweremadu got to where he is today; however, one sure thing is that he didn’t climb to any of the previously mentioned positions by his very own volition or choice yet by the Will of God and the consent of his kin.

“In truth, His Excellency, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu is a man of history whose fate is entwined with the desires and yearnings of his kin. In absolute term, we, his kin, have the last say on where he goes to for our sake in 2023. In complete terms, through His Excellency, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu has a privilege to his conclusions, we, his kin, have the last word, as usual, in his political choices, presently and later on.

“Hitherto, we are happy with his stewardship since he rose on our political skyline as a pioneer. He has spoken to us adequately and has pulled in a various vote based system profits to our kin.

“We, in this manner, charge him to increase present expectations on his presentation in the ninth Senate, which will before long be introduced and keep the banner of his unique exhibition overhead. By and by, let us focus on the assignment ahead basically because we realize that rising occasions will characterize our inclinations in 2023.”


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