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Dambazau Says Weapons From Libya Responsible For Conflict In Nigeria



Abdulrahman Dambazau, the Minister of Interior, has accused the simple development of guns and other crimes in West African on the flimsiness in Libya, a nation in North Africa.

The priest said this at the sixteenth yearly General Assembly of West African Police Chiefs Committee (WAPCCO), held in Abuja, on Tuesday.

He encouraged police boss in West Africa to work together more to handle transnational wrongdoings inside the sub-district, taking note of that a single nation can’t effectively battle trans-fringe violations.

He stated: “The expansion of guns is an important test in this sub-district, especially given the progression of firearms from shaky nations, similar to Libya. After Muammar Gaddafi, Libya went into the struggle, and it is still in strife. A portion of the weapons utilized in the country was streaming down through Mali, Niger, and others.

“We are here because it is a provincial issue. It is an issue that needs to do either trans-outskirt crimes, sneaking, and fear-based oppression. A nation or a security organization can’t manage these wrongdoings all alone. This is the reason we have met up as a sub-district to survey the circumstance and manage it as needs be.”

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The pastor likewise said there is a requirement for coordinated effort and data sharing among security organizations in the sub-locale.

Police boss in the sub-area has additionally solicited the Economic Community from West African State (ECOWAS) to overhaul it to a directorate.

The security boss, under the aegis of WAPCCO, lamented that its present structure makes it hard for it to play out its jobs ideally.

WAPCCO Chairman and acting Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Mohammed Adamu said regular gatherings would benefit the security boss the chance to handle the expansion of guns, psychological oppression, abducting and other wrongdoing inside the sub-district.

Adamu noticed that the powerlessness of the board of trustees to meet over the most recent five years limited it from handling some security challenges saw in the sub-locale.

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On a portion of the difficulties going up against ECOWAS, he stated: “We are having security challenges in the entire of West African sub-district, and there is a requirement for police boss and different heads of other security offices to meet up to perceive how we can cut down the dimension of wrongdoing inside the sub-locale.

“On the off chance that you take a gander at the 15 nations in the West African sub-district, you will see that they have one test or the other. We realize that in Nigeria, we have difficulties that include grabbing, and we realize that arms and ammo are originating from outside the nation; however, inside the locale. There is have to stop the deluge of arms and ammo inside the nation.”

Adamu said security offices at the gathering would perceive how to brace the outskirts to forestall penetration by lawbreakers.

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On the need to redesign WAPCCO to directorate position, the IGP stated: “I consciously submit without pre-empting your brains that it won’t be hard to arrive at the inescapable resolution that the WAPCCO as presently arranged inside the outskirt structure of ECOWAS is restraining the capacity of the body to ideally accomplish its command.

“It is my modest recommendation that an audit of the status of WAPCCO inside the ECOWAS secretariat has turned out to be fundamental. Subsequently, it is proposed that WAPCCO be moved up to a directorate in ECOWAS.

“This will ensure the normality of WAPCCO’s in this way improving the dynamism and viability of the Committee.”


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