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Defection: Saraki, Dogara, 52 other people to know the destination on May 17



The Abuja Federal High Court decided on 17 May to make a decision in a lawsuit aimed at removing 54 members of the National Assembly.

The Legal Defense and Assistant Project (LEDAP) has taken legal action against Senate President Bukola Saraki and Speaker of the House of Representatives Yakubu Dogara and 52 other legislators for dismissed from their different political parties There was division in his parties.

However, legislators, through their counsel, have asked the court to file the complaint against them. They insisted that LEDAP had no locus standi to take legal action against them, adding that the court did not have jurisdiction to rule.

In their preliminary objection to the trial, the legislators urged Judge Okon Abang to reject the application in its entirety, as it did not reveal any grounds for action.

They stated that the plaintiff’s case was unfounded in the law because it was not a political party, a voter or a member of the constituency who elected him.

In addition to being a non-governmental organization, lawmakers stated that the complainant did not reveal what he had suffered because of his desertion.

They added that, in all the processes presented, the complainant had never claimed or submitted any document proving that it was a political party or that he represented a political party or an elector and therefore did not not revealed what prompted him to take legal action.

The Senate Speaker’s lawyer, Mahmud Magaji, asked the court to find that the plaintiff was a mediocre idiot, a busy body and a stranger in the cases that led to the defection of the legislator.

For his part, the plaintiff’s lawyer, Mr. Jibrin Okutepa, asked the court to reject the legislator’s presentation. He added that the court has constitutional powers to invoke section 251 of the 1999 Constitution to refer legislators to the status of federal legislators.

Okutepa alleged that the legislators had been lured for selfish motives other than the alleged division of their party. Therefore, he urged the court to invoke the law by declaring their vacant seats without justification or favor, noting that the sky would not collapse if the defending legislators were removed from office.

After hearing the arguments of both parties, Judge Abang decided on May 17 to give judgment in this case. He also ordered the lawyers to make photocopies of the authorities cited by the clerk available to the court. At the time of the original appeal, LEDAP asked the court to order the legislators to reimburse all the money collected from the federal government since its desertion.

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