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Dualization of roads: Cross River, residents of Akwa Ibom erect sanctuaries and buildings to obtain compensation from FG



Dualization of roads: Cross River, residents of Akwa Ibom erect sanctuaries and buildings to obtain compensation from FG

The erection of counterfeit holy places and unapproved structures along the Calabar – Itu– Ikot Ekepene interstate in Cross River and the Akwa Ibom States is establishing a hindrance to the dualization of the turnpike.

The dualization, DAILY POST discoveries uncovered, was embraced by the present government. The street, which was built in the ’70s amid the time of oil blast by the General Yakubu Gowon routine, had since turned into a passing snare.

The Federal Government had granted the street contract in 2018 to a firm, Julius Berger, for the total remaking and dualization of the whole range of more than 50 kilometers stretch of the street.

Be that as it may, instead of value this move by the administration, locals living along the stretch of the street have contrived an arrangement of getting cash from the legislature by raising crisis structures near the road.

At the point when our reporter visited the street amid the week, numerous locals were seen building houses, raising sanctuaries and sinking boreholes by the side of the road which has just been reviewed with structures caught for obliteration.

For example, the locals along Okurikang, Ikot Okon Akiba, Karam, Akai Effiwat, Itu, and Itu intersection and different towns in Akwa Ibom State have raised places of worship and unapproved structures.

A portion of the locals, in a meeting, conceded that they are hurrying to fabricate houses and sanctums near the street realizing that agreement has been granted for the development.

One of them in the town of Karam, who gave his name as Ekpo, stated, “We don’t know about any street development venture. We are expanding on our territory, and no one has let us know not to construct near the street”.

An older man on grips in a similar town, who would not give his name, was seen administering the structure of his home. He clarified that his other structure is a cover house which could crumble at any minute. He expressed this was the reason he has drawn in somebody to fabricate another for him next to the street.

Another young fellow, Elvis Samuel in Ikot Okon Akiba town, transparently conceded that he is building his home near the street with the goal that he could get paid by the contractual worker when it is obliterated throughout the development work.

“We have been living here for a long time and have been enduring the impact of the awful condition of this street and since government has chosen to chip away at it, we ought to likewise be given some remuneration for keeping the street alive by filling the terrible spots with stones and sand for vehicles to pass,” he said.

Responding, the town head of Okurikang, Chief Inyang said he was ignorant of any race to develop houses near the street, including that if there is anything of such, “those taking every necessary step ought to be the ones to whine not those simply cruising by.”

At the Federal Ministry of Works, Calabar Office, the Federal Controller of Works, Engineer Bassey Nsentip said such “tricky improvement” isn’t supported by the service.

He usually said in the South-South for individuals to take part in such crisis development to blackmail cash from the government when significant activities are being embraced.

“I was in Yorubaland for more than ten years, and I didn’t see such frame of mind yet in the south here due to avarice for cash, numerous individuals money in on the circumstance to begin tricky improvement extends just to coerce cash from the government,” he said.

Nsentip said when the bequest valuers were given the activity of surveying structures out and about, they were told to do it with speed to maintain a strategic distance from individuals taking advantage of the circumstance, yet individuals are as yet working after the option to proceed for the task has been obtained.

“Usually here to see that after the structures have been evaluated and denoted a few people still form before the ones checked and utilize their red paint to stamp their very own structures yet the home values have a code to recognize the ones set apart by them,” he said.

He said any structure that was not caught when the option to proceed was being obtained would be bulldozed without the installment of any remuneration to proprietors of such arrangements.

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