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Eze Ilomuanya say Okorocha is a total failure in Imo



His Majesty, Eze (Dr) Cletus Ilomuanya, the Obi of Obinugwu, Imo state, has denounced the spate of killings, and banditry in the nation. Eze Ilomuanya, who is additionally the Chairman, Igbo Traditional Rulers Forum, and Chancellor, Federal University, Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi State, encouraged the approaching legislative leader of Imo state, Emeka Ihediohas to reestablish each establishment, which as per him, has been demolished by the active representative, Rochas Okorocha. In this meeting with Vivian Onyebukwa and George Onyejiuwa, he clarified his issues with the IMO representative. However, he said he had excused him.

Senator Rochas Okorocha has anyway rejected the ruler as dishonorable of his consideration. In a short response to Ilomuanya’s charges, the representative in an announcement by his Chief Press Secretary, Sam Onwuemeodo said; “We can’t unite issues with a man like Mr. Cletus Almanya. I don’t believe that any genuine Nigerian would take the assessment of such a man genuine. We realize who will be who in Elmo. Okorocha reestablished the nobility of the customary establishment in the state by weeding components like llomuanya out of the framework. Eze Ohiri who is currently the executive of the state chamber of customary rulers in the state has both the name and the picture.”

What’s your view on the Boko Haram killings, herders killings, and banditry going on in the nation. How would you figure they can be halted?

It is something that no one is cheerful about; everyone feels exceedingly terrible what our nation has ended up being. It causes us a great deal of money, and it puts lives and property in peril. For what reason would it be a good idea for somebody to make by God evacuate another person’s life? It is because we have lost ethics. That is because we have lost ethics, and we don’t have a clue what it is that we can discuss life. On the off chance that we acknowledge the experience, it is hard for you to proceed to end someone’s life regardless of what it is. The other route round might be a few people are furious, yet then that outrage can’t lead you to proceed to convey arms. There are such a significant number of approaches to have the option to express your sentiments, and it isn’t that you need to proceed to take a blade, blade, firearm and all that to continue to kill individuals. No, it isn’t.

Or then again, you have a few requests, that can’t likewise make you proceed to convey arms. For what reason would it be advisable for you too? We are one Nigeria. That is the reason I have faith in one Nigeria. I will keep on lecturing one Nigeria. One Nigeria mainly inspires my siblings, conventional rulers like His Eminence, Sultan of Sokoto. He denounces this demonstration of slaughtering individuals. I recollected those occasions when we were youthful when someone passes on, you are hesitant to turn out, yet today it is nothing to individuals. We have lost ethics, so we need a complete change. There is a requirement for us to realize that there is God and we need to change and know the estimations of life. All these little young men nowadays would proceed to smoke and bear a weapon.

So I am disturbed about it, it doesn’t benefit anyone in any way. Once more, because the administration has disregarded the customary establishment, that is the motivation behind why these things are occurring. Like in those occasions when the usual rulers are in full charge of their networks, it is hard for a wonder such as this to happen when they have the underlying security. In any case, nowadays a government official would disclose to you that he has evacuated a customary ruler. So we have no protection. You can’t implement anything. Legislators are utilizing a portion of these desperados, so they energize them. In that capacity, it is troublesome until when there is a difference in heart, re-introduction; there must be legitimate mindfulness for individuals to have the option to comprehend this life, else it is an issue.

Individuals ought to have the option to realize that we need to live in harmony. On the off chance that you need my property, you converse with me, and I will give you. On the off chance that I am a Christian and you are a Muslim, regarding my very own religion, and I regard yours as well. On the off chance that I have my congregation here, you can’t come before my group and put your mosque. Regard for one another. See one another. Live in solidarity with one another.

We in the conventional establishment have been doing our best to guarantee harmony rules. I can from here now travel to Sokoto. As I am going, I am ceasing on my approach to welcome my siblings, conventional rulers. They would get me, and I would proceed. On the off chance that I am going to Sokoto now, I don’t have to convey my vehicle or anything; I call my siblings there that I am coming, and they would send the car to get me, and we eat, because we are broadening that affection.
What’s more, when we are doing this, we need our subjects to imitate us. This is the thing that I am discussing. We should love ourselves, and we should acknowledge to live as one body and regard each other’s emotions.

What was your concern with the active Imo representative, Rochas Okorocha?

Senator Rochas Okorocha is my sibling. Tragically he needed to change. What happened is that he said that I didn’t bolster him amid the decision. That was my transgression, since, I was lecturing value. Furthermore, it was not me, and it was the choice of the Council that said let there be harmony in the state. They said that it ought to be rotational so that there would be harmony in the country. As the state, on the off chance that you eat alone, incredible, however when you dine with everyone, everyone is cheerful. We said look, Orlu zone couldn’t have been representative if not the comprehension of the other two zones that consented to permit Orlu zone to go.

That was how the Orlu zone turned into the senator since we were not politically mindful; we are just intrigued by a business. Achike Udenwa did not win the essential, yet they requested that he proceed. As a result of that soul of a pivot, Udenwa turned into the representative.

What’s more, when he needed to go for a second term we the customary rulers went to solicit the general population from Okigwe to help Udenwa to finish his second term, and we would likewise bolster them to go their own.

At that point from that point onward, it goes to Owerri, and everyone is exceptionally upbeat. It would be more affordable, no battling, no quarreling. That was the reason when His Excellency Udenwa completed his second term, and he demanded that it must go to another zone. Something else, our siblings from Orlu zone would have taken it, someone like Tony Ezenna of Orange Drugs, Festus Odumegwu, and other individuals, would have taken it.

Be that as it may, what was the deal? We joined because we were a piece of this choice to make it rotational. I was the Chairman of the conventional rulers at that specific time, and my senior customary rulers both late and alive were a piece of it. Igwe of Orlu, Eze Osu, who was the previous administrator of customary rulers chamber, Eze Ugo of Okporo were all piece of it, and these individuals are no more so I needed to, as a director to support the choice of the Council.

So Okorocha took it so close to home on me. And after that as a senator, he believed he could manage me, yet God said no. The dad in paradise said no because I did nothing against him.

I would prefer not to go a lot about this since I have pardoned him. I am in all seriousness. It torments me what he is experiencing because it torments me how he is finishing. Be that as it may, I wish he can likewise change. At the point when the soul of God leaves someone, the individual is done.

I petition God for him that he completes his residency and hand over. I will remain behind and watch. Like I stated, I have excused him. I would prefer not to talk more on this issue.

The news was that Okorocha removed you, yet as per you, he didn’t succeed. What do we accept?

What you didn’t give, you can’t take.

Did he introduce another conventional ruler for your locale?

He conveyed his sibling to come and reign over my kin, yet my kin said no. The general population makes a network. As indicated by him, he introduced another conventional ruler, and he isn’t from my locale. Without precedent for the historical backdrop of Imo state, he gave an individual a vehicle to lure him.

I never challenged my situation with anyone from my locale. Today, regardless I provide a test that, if anyone from my area says he doesn’t need Eze Ilomuanya, that day I will leave. Not one individual from my region. That is my joy. I inquired as to whether they need their privileged position back and they said no, you are our lord. One million of Rochas can’t stop me.

My kin said no, instead of given him a chance to have his administration. He didn’t get any advancement my locale yet my locale is creating, we are doing our things. No security; we are paying our security ourselves. My kin stated, “You are our ruler.” It’s not possible for anyone to come to Obinugwu and report anything. He knows since his locale is exceptionally near my region.

So the individual he brought is from another network?

Honestly, he is from another network in Ideato, Arondizogu to come and be a customary ruler in my place. Have you at any point heard a wonder such as this previously? He pulverized the conventional foundation. That is the reason the approaching representative, Emeka Ihedioha, has a ton of work to do. Now and again I feel sorry for him, and I said God would be his quality because each part of government is done.

How might you get to Okorocha’s legislature?

The state is dead. General administration is deceased. No installment for beneficiaries, a significant number of them have passed on. Go to the nearby governments you observe hedge all over the place. Go to the streets, and they would burrow one thing here and go another side and burrow something else.

They are not a big deal. Wherever is an uncompleted task? Is it the school he said he is without giving instruction. Is it the abracadabra he is doing all over. Is it the customary organization. We don’t have a conventional organization any longer in IMO.

There is nothing to discuss Rochas government. So the approaching senator has a great deal of work to do. Take a gander at the global meeting focus, ordinary when downpour falls the entire rooftop would go off, and they would begin putting it once more. If you go to the compound, it is uncompleted. You can’t perceive any task that has been finished by Rochas Okorocha. Like I stated, I wish him well. We will keep on appealing to God for him and request that God control him effectively. I want to he will acknowledge himself yet sadly it is past the point of no return for him.

What do you anticipate from the approaching government?

As a matter of first importance, the approaching government should give his life to God and request that God give him the quality because how Imo was plundered ; it is inconceivable. So he ought to claim that God gives him the beauty, shrewdness and learning to have the option to deal with it.

He has the current administration to handle. He needs to set up the neighborhood government with the goal that we will have a nearby practical government. On the off chance that the neighborhood government is working, individuals will be in the nearby government working.

The nearby government will most likely contact the general population. There is no requirement for individuals to begin coming to Owerri. I recollected those occasions when Udenwa was in government, individuals go to the nearby government in the first part of the day and land a few contracts and positions. In any case, nowadays there is not at all like heading off to the nearby government.

Who are you going to see? Is it the one that he would offer N200,000 to pay compensations and have N100,000 as imprest, there’s nothing more to it. On the off chance that the nearby government individuals reveal to you what they experience you would cry. Take a gander at the retired people, shouldn’t be paid. You advise government employees to take 70% while you fly in your jet. Why?

So he needs to take a gander at the nearby government and bring it back. When he does that, that will console certainty. Presently take a gander at the current administration, change the style and bring it back because joint administration is the core of government.

Take a gander at the customary foundation and set up another conventional organization, change and bring them back. He should set up a legitimate regular foundation that can probably remain with our partners in different states.

After that, he would take a gander at the state economy. He needs to enable our adolescents. He needs to discover a program that will make our young people valuable. He needs to do a legitimate introduction. Take a gander at individuals of Ohaji/Egbema that he has swung to something different. Presently, on the off chance that you talk about Ohaji Egbema, you speak about terrible young men. Why? Government, Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) has given cash as oil delivering to change the lives of these young men. Presently you take that cash to proceed to swing them to something different.

You would eat their money, and redirect their money for something different. Tomorrow when they get furious and begin causing inconvenience you accuse them when the cash you should use to deal with them has been redirected. Discussion about art focuses and all that, you don’t do that. Instead, you would dependably welcome them to Owerri and give them N1000 each and instruct them to proceed to cause inconvenience.

So the approaching senator has a great deal, and it is just by petitions and offering himself to God. We will keep on petitioning God for him and bolster him. We will support him since I know him. I realize he is the man who can almost certainly do the change we need in the state. What’s more, since God has put him there, we will, I will, support and be behind him.

Individuals state that customary rulers are not expected to play factional legislative issues. What’s your feeling on that?

Each person is a political creature. We are not favoring one side. That is the reason amid the race whoever comes I prefer the individual. Every one of the challenges that paid cordiality visit to me amid the decision, I favored and petitioned God for them independent of their gatherings, that the desire of God would occur. What’s more, when the hope of God occurs, I will bolster you and be with you.

It’s solitary God that realizes who might turn into the senator when they were challenging. Be that as it may, when the individual begins acting, we keep on collapsing our hands to watch and approach God for intercession.

How might you depict them as of late closed general races?

To start with, we are advancing in the vote-based system. It is a significant advancement. One individual must win. Furthermore, on the off chance that you don’t feel fulfilled, you can go to court and look for change. So we are developing. The umpire pronounces the outcome. Everyone ought to acknowledge them , and if you are not fulfilled, you go to court.

Shouldn’t something be said about tally grabbing and those that requested to be pronounced champ at gunpoint?

On the off chance that you watch this past decision, tally grabbing was not as it used to be. There was an improvement. That is the reason I said we are creating. How might someone proceed to put a firearm on someone and power him to proclaim him champ? INEC ought to have the option to charge that individual to court and face the law so a wonder such as this would not occur once more. Things are evolving. I am satisfied by 2023; it turns out to be better. I laud Mr. President, INEC and each player that took an interest in that decision.

What has life instructed you?

Life has thought me that you ought to have the option to give your experience to God, provided that you give your knowledge to God and humble yourself; you prevail throughout everyday life.

What is the primary target of the Igbo Traditional Rulers’ Forum which you seat the leading group of trustees?

The Igbo Traditional Rulers’ Forum was set up basically to advance our way of life and custom in Igbo land. As of late, our way of life and convention have been dismissed, and we can’t enable that to proceed.

It is additionally to advance solidarity among the customary rulers. This gathering is the body that regulates conventional rulers in all the Igbo talking states in the South East as well as crosswise over Delta and Rivers conditions of Igbo extraction.

The primary pith is to unite ourselves as a unified voice in issues that influence the conventional foundation in Alaigbo and to improve the welfare of customary rulers, secure our kin and our way of life which is our character. As traditional rulers, we have a ton of work to do in our networks, and when we meet up, we can guarantee harmony and solidarity among our kin.

What sort of help do the conventional rulers need?

It isn’t budgetary help yet they ought to be supported up lawfully. They ought to be permitted to practice the power and the expert they have. This is because we have seen commonly when a conventional ruler takes activities in a network against a lawmaker, but since the legislator being referred to is a partner of the representative, he would request that the senator oust the customary leader of that network.

This is a piece of what I am stating because there is no security for the conventional ruler. Along these lines, they should be given that help since it has happened severally when a state senator will get up one morning and evacuate a customary ruler not because the conventional ruler carried out any wrongdoing but rather because he is representing reality.

(Cuts in) But you endure your very own trial in the hands of Governor Rochas Okorocha?

Indeed, because I said to God; this is your battle because my hands are perfect. I didn’t do anything but since I stood immovably in favor of truth. In this way, that is the thing that we are stating about the conventional ruler not having any security, and they put the customary rulers into dread and thus, they can’t do what they should do.

This is because once they state this isn’t right, it would be an inconvenience for them as the general population concerned will currently consider them to be a restriction. However, if they have that help from the government, they can stand and state that this man or lady is a criminal.

In any case, when I realize that on the off chance that I report that and that individual is working for a legislator as a hooligan and causing inconvenience and you don’t have the fundamental help, you need to stay silent. I am sure you more likely than not heard that some customary rulers have been grabbed or even executed. In this way, to stay away from inconvenience you remain silent.

In the light of what you expressed above, OK like the reintroduction of the Federal House of Chiefs?

Obviously, with the goal that we go there to talk and to offer our recommendation to the administration on how things ought to be finished.

Individuals are stating that the exercises of the civil government ought to be inspected by the approaching government. What’s your take?

He should test Governor Rochas Okorocha, and he should check the legislature. Okorocha devastated the state through his greed and activities. Okorocha has annihilated the groundbreaking strategy of the country particularly the state capital, and at whatever point it downpours; you can’t pass anyplace in the country. He shut the seepages in the state capital in the pretense of street extension.

He demolished the water plans, and in the eight years of his organization, there is no place that water is running. The state is covered with uncompleted undertakings and inquiries must be posted about what he utilized the state assets for. Retired people are not paid, and he pays government workers anything he desires at whatever point he chooses to pay them their pay rates. I sincerely feel sorry for Emeka Ihedioha as the approaching go

We’ve heard that Imo has colossal obligation dangling on its head. Wouldn’t you say this would influence the exercises of the approaching organization?

I can’t discuss the obligation of Imo state since I don’t have the foggiest idea what amount is being owed. In any case, I imagine that it is left to Ihedioha to tell the general population what he was given over to by the active senator. Like in 2011, Ikedi Ohakim had given over to Rochas Okorocha about N26billion including the N13 billion being the equalization of the N18 billion raised from the capital market for the Oguta Wonder Lake ventures. In this way, it is just when Ihedioha gets to the office and discloses to us what he found there. In this way, how about we keep our fingers crossed until Ihedioha formally accept the workplace of the Governor of the state.

You said before that Okorocha crushed the conventional foundation; how?

Give me a chance to ask you, have you felt the impact of the conventional foundation in the state over the most recent eight years? The customary rulers are for the most part living in fears. Today, standard rulers are constrained to complete a walk past for the representative at Heroes Square.

When he assembles customary rulers for a conference, he keeps them holding up from morning to night and at whatever point he chooses to come, he will say my kin, my kin. Does that show regard? It doesn’t demonstrate respect to the customary establishment.

Wouldn’t you say that might be the reason he didn’t need you to stay as the Eze?

I can’t slander my individual to the dimension of completing a match go for representative Okorocha. I can’t do that at my aspect, so the conventional establishment was , and the approaching senator needs to investigate it; how to bring back our customary organization and it involves need so the traditional rulers can recapture their regard and nobility which was detracted from them by Okorocha.


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