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Femi Falana shouts and reveals how the legal system favors the rich against the poor Nigerians



Human right activists and sacred legal advisor, Femi Falana (SAN), has criticized the Nigerian legal framework for favoring the rich over poor people.

He complained that the nation’s bar and seat just as the criminal equity framework works for the rich as against poor people.

Talking at the 2019 law seven day stretch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Epe branch in Lagos State, he complained that the nation’s legal framework approaches the rich with deference.

As indicated by Falana: “By ideals of area 17 (2) (an) of the Constitution of Nigeria 1999 (as changed), each native will have fairness of rights, commitments, and openings under the watchful eye of the law.

“Be that as it may, by and by, the rich and poor respondents are not treated similarly by Nigerian courts. Aside from the way that wealthy defendants have the idea to contract the administrations of the best attorneys in any zone of the law, the courts are kept an eye on by judges who are not unbiased in the class battle being pursued day by day by the Nigerian individuals.

“Despite that the middle-class media have blamed the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for taking part in Gestapo strategies concerning the treatment of suspects, it can’t be prevented that the commission very much regards the rights from securing powerful criminal suspects.”

He expressed that the wealthy respondents have kept on baffling their arraignment by scheming with some senior legal advisors.

The extremist deplored that wealthy suspects do make a difference to be kept in EFCC’s cells instead of police and jail cells.

He stated: “The vast people ensnared in charges of genuine financial wrongdoings being examined by the commission, for the most part, get well-mannered letters of welcome, phone calls or instant messages encouraging them to contact named specialists whose phone numbers are provided.

“If and at whatever point powerful criminal presumes to report themselves they are treated with the most extreme civility by the agents. Since they are assumed blameless until they are demonstrated blameworthy by the State, they have never marched the media, paying little respect to the gravity of the offense submitted by them.

“Not at all like what gets in western nations it is infra dignitate to expose enormous people to the limitation of the cuff in Nigeria. Thus, damnation was let free when a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party on preliminary for tax evasion was as of late bound by the Kuje jail experts.”


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