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Friendly airstrike kills 17 Afghan policemen



(AP) Afghan authorities said an airstrike murdered 17 law enforcement officers accidentally amid a fight with the Taleban directly outside the commonplace capital of Lashkar Gah in the nation’s southern Helmand region.

Leader of the commonplace committee Attaullah Afghan said the airstrike occurred on Thursday as Afghan police were battling the Taleban close to the city. He likewise said 14 policemen were injured in the strike. It was not quickly getting who completed the airstrike, Afghan or United States (US) powers. There was no quick reaction to a question to the US military in Kabul. American authorities routinely back Afghan troops when asked to.

Helmand’s representative Mohammad Yasin said the airstrike is being researched. A Taleban explanation asserted US powers were behind it.


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