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Fulani has alleged Fulani Jihadists and herdsmen infiltrated the South West



Femi Fani-Kayode, previous Aviation Minister, has claimed that Fulani Jihadists and herders have penetrated the South West.

The previous Minister claimed that the fire playing criminals invaded the area with the point of assaulting its kin when given the request.

In a tweet, the previous Minister asserted they planned to assault the South West, while the general population of the area was caught up with taking part in the inside quarrel.

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He stated: “As the South West keeps on taking part in its insignificant inner competitions and unlimited quarrels the Fulani jihadists, in the pretense of dairy cattle rearers and herders, have forcefully penetrated their territory.

“These destructive sleeper cells are prepared to strike and make devastation when requested to do as such.”

The only a couple of days prior, a container Yoruba socio-social gathering, Yoruba Koya Leadership, and Training Foundation had raised alert over supposed taking over of states in the South West district by individuals suspected to be herders.

The gathering approached the governors to transcend divided intrigue and take activities pointed towards shielding their kin against inward and outside hostilities, focusing on that children and history could never excuse any of them who, for gathering governmental issues, gaze weakly while their property is added.

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This gathering had stated, “We state with all awareness of other’s expectations and with no dread or terrorizing without emotionalism that the whole Yoruba Land has been circled by outside hoodlums taking on the appearance of Herdsmen. Experimental Intelligence accessible to us has it that these culprits who are mostly from Kebbi, Katsina, Kano, Sokoto, and some West African Countries, are being dropped every day in Yoruba Land by Heavy Duty Trucks.”


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