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Ghana’s 100-year-old imam marks birthday in church



Ghana’s 100-year-old imam marks birthday in church

(BBC) Ghana’s chief imam is a man of few words, yet the 100-year-old Muslim minister realizes how to make waves – by going to a Catholic Church administration as a significant aspect of his birthday festivities.

Pictures of Sheik Osman Sharubutu, sitting mindfully in the seats of Accra’s Christ the King Catholic Church for an Easter administration, turned into a web sensation via web-based networking media.

The fabulous mufti, pioneer of Ghana’s minority Muslim people group, needs to guarantee that his heritage is harmony – the product of between confidence concordance.

His congregation participation was given significantly more reverberation as on the day he was being envisioned close by ward minister, Father Andrew Campbell, Islamist suicide aircraft released assaults in Sri Lanka, killing more than 250 individuals at holy places and inns.

Those via web-based networking media supporting the imam’s methodology portrayed him as a light sparkling in the murkiness.

Not every person was cheerful – a few pundits denounced his activities as an evil entity, for a Muslim to take part in Christian love. Be that as it may, Sheik Sharubutu demanded he was not loving but rather moving the connection among Muslims and Christians from unimportant resilience to commitment.

“The central imam is changing the account about Islam from a religion of underhandedness, a religion of contention, a religion of loathing for other people, to a religion whose mission is established in the ideals of adoration, harmony, and absolution,” his representative Aremeyao Shaibu told the BBC.

In contrast to Ghana’s central imam, Father Andrew Campbell, the area minister of Christ the King Catholic Church, is unquestionably not a man of few words and most would agree he gets a kick out of the chance to work things up a bit.

The 73-year-old was conceived in Ireland and touched base in Ghana in 1971 to fill in as a preacher. More than 48 years he has turned into a hero of disagreeable and unfashionable causes. He has received the reason for untouchables specifically and crusades for them not to be defamed and to be treated with nobility.

His congregation is arranged over the street from Jubilee House, the seat of Ghana’s administration. A couple of months back, he was made area cleric for Jubilee House. The priest has expressed his help for some administration strategies, yet it is acknowledged he will be similarly vocal when he wants to scrutinize, regardless of what he may be assigned the in-house minister for the administration.

He has gained full Ghanaian citizenship – notwithstanding, he wouldn’t receive some neighborhood propensities. He demands to keep to time.

In the not so distant past, I went to a wedding function, and he began the administration notwithstanding the nonattendance of the lady of the hour. Part of the way through the distributed program, the wedding parade could be seen endeavoring to make a passage from the secondary passage. Fr Campbell surged down, driving the man of the hour and ceased the lady amidst the walkway, where he directed a rushed wedding service and strolled back to the particular stepped area to proceed from where he had left off before the lady of the hour showed up.

Be that as it may, the mix of the tranquil Muslim pastor of few words and the inconvenience blending chatty Irish-Ghanaian minister make a flighty and beautiful mixed drink.

Sheik Sharubutu has been Ghana’s top Muslim minister for a long time and has dependably demanded the critical principles of Islam are established in harmony and love, as his week after week messages at Friday petitions at the Central Mosque in the capital authenticate.

Another most loved subject of his is a call to evade realism, saying it just brings avarice.

At his living arrangement in the poor neighborhood of Fadama, he has demanded that the doors stay open.

Throughout recent years, several township inhabitants troop in every morning to get fresh water from taps at the property while others visit during the evening with dishes to be served hot suppers for nothing.

It is the idea of Islamic pioneers to provide for philanthropy, yet his supporters state the size of his work emerges. He has by and by supported many understudies in their instruction at home and abroad and has likewise settled an instructive trust reserve to help gifted yet penniless students.

Ghana, where Muslims make up 18% of the populace in the fundamentally Christian nation, has no history of religious fighting. Be that as it may, relations can be crabby – and the imam has tried to splash any flare-ups.

He is an individual from the National Peace Council, made up of 13 primarily religious pioneers – yet he is additionally known to mediate by and by to determine strains.

Graveyard questions

Not long ago, he impugned a gathering of youthful Muslim men who assaulted a congregation in Accra after its minister anticipated his passing in the coming a year.

He told the individuals who had been furnished with blades to excuse the evangelist and figured out how to defuse the strain, something that earned him the thanks of the police boss.

At the point when discharges resonated through the avenues of Old Tafo in Kumasi in succession over a burial ground in 2016, he quickly made a trek to the Ashanti provincial capital.

A time limit had been forced after one individual kicked the bucket in conflicts. Conventional pioneers needed verification that the Muslim people group claimed an area of land in the burial ground to cover their dead.

The circumstance about declined into full-scale war in the wake of rampaging Muslim young people slapped the customary pioneer of the Tafo people group.

The slapping of a boss comprises contamination of his office, a forbidden in Ghana which expects war to be pursued – something that could have spread to different networks

As indicated by Mr. Shaibu, the leading imam went to the castle of the Tafo boss, and without talking a word, he quieted the circumstance by the lowliness and quietness of his quality, forestalling further agitation.

It was the second time that he had mediated in aftermath over a graveyard.

In 2012, the carcass of an imam in the Volta Region was uncovered and dumped by the roadside by a network who felt Muslims ought not to cover their dead in that memorial park.

Sheik Sharubutu flew into the south-eastern area and arranged a harmony bargain – sparing the state from utilizing power to control the uproars.

‘I read without contraptions’

He puts his tranquil logic down to his preferred Koranic stanza, which says individuals ought to be reasonable with one another to help accomplish an amicable society: “Allah does not disallow you from appearing, and managing the individuals who have not quarreled you over religion and have not driven you out of your homes. Allah adores just vendors.”

As a young fellow, he made this the focal message of his exercises as a Muslim instructor in Accra – proceeding to wind up one of the nation’s most intellectual Islamic researchers.


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