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Government threatens to drag herdsmen to court



Government threatens to drag herdsmen to court

The Governor of Ebonyi State, Chief David Umahi, at the end of the week compromised that his organization can indict herders for violations submitted against ranchers in the state.

Umahi made this known while handling inquiries from the individuals from course 12 of the Institute for Security Studies, ISS, which occurred at Exco-chambers Government House, Abakaliki, capital of Ebonyi State.

The senator, who was spoken to by his delegate, Dr. Eric Kelechi Igwe, regretted that the exercises of herders were troubling, taking note of that the state won’t endure a circumstance where the herders will enable their steers to annihilate harvests and farmlands in the country.

He further uncovered the readiness of the state government to secure the enthusiasm of the indigenous ranchers just as the herders to turn away any rupture of lawfulness in the state.

“The issue of herders has the capability of inundating this country however luckily, and our dear representative was named as the co-director of the national specialized board that proposed to the central government on the best way to determine the emergency among herders and ranchers.

“The suggestion made by the advisory group repositioned the focal point of the Federal government on how they needed to deal with the issue of ranchers/herders and farming in Nigeria.

“That is the reason in Ebonyi, and we have not had such an emergency that is among ranchers and herders that would go national. We additionally have the privilege and the scope to prosecute any of the herders to secure the enthusiasm of the indigenous ranchers; however, this is where individuals live respectively as one.

“This is where the enthusiasm of the herders are secured, a state where we urge outsiders to live in harmony with others.

“We additionally could have coordinated the magistrate for equity and lawyer general of the state to drag every one of them to court on the violations they (herders) submitted against our ranchers.”

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