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Governor Bello reveals when he will eliminate salary arrears in Kogi



Legislative head of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello, has guaranteed to clear all build-up of compensations owed by the state government to laborers before December.

The Governor addressed journalists in Kaduna yesterday soon after the Northern State Governors Forum, NSGF, meeting.

He clarified that his organization did not cause any obligation through the non-installment of compensations because of specialists since he accepted the office.

Senator Bello said what stays extraordinary as laborers’ pay rates was brought about by the organization that went before his, which he has acquired.

He said when he went ahead wide, he attempted to expel apparition laborers and in the wake of doing that, he has had the option to pay every one of the pay rates because of specialists amid his organization, saying what is remaining is what was owed laborers amid the past organization.

Senator Bello expressed that the past organization connected for N80.5 billion bailout from the Federal Government and that President Muhammadu Buhari endorsed N50. 8 billion out of the cash yet that because of his reasonability, he chose to pull back just N20 billion.

He said the usage of the N20 billion was distributed in national dailies, including how it was imparted to the neighborhood governments.

The Governor said he is hoping to draw down the remaining N30.8 billion to clear the unfulfilled obligations.

“What is owed by the past organization is actually what is owed now. Under my supervision, I m not owing to a solitary feast but rather acquired risk which Mr. President has affirmed. When we draw that N3.8 billion, we will clear all the unpaid debts,” he expressed.

He guaranteed that before December, owing to pay rates would be a relic of past times.

The Governor guaranteed the general population of Kogi State that even without getting to the N30.8 billion that he would fund-raise and clear the rest of the overdue debts.


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