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Governor Umahi places curse on cultists in Ebonyi, vows not to appoint them



The Governor of Ebonyi State, Chief David Umahi, on Wednesday vowed never to appoint any stakeholder that is suspected to be a cultist or that sponsors cultists into his second term cabinet list.

Umahi made this known while addressing members of the Ebonyi State House Assembly, EBSHA, and his cabinet members during the signing of five bills into law,which took place at the Exco-Chambers, Government House, Abakaliki.

The governor lamented that the increasing cases of cultism in various communities of the state were giving him sleepless night.

He, however, at the venue cursed all suspected cultists and their sponsors, adding that any of them that failed to repent will die in the next seven days.

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“I keep saying that there is no benefit in cultism. The benefit you will get is that you will have a linage curse for the next five generations. Before you reach the age of 60 to 70 years, you must either have cancer or other diseases.

“You cannot run away from it because you have shed an innocent blood of God creation. Land was cursed because of the shed of blood.

“If you are a member of Aiye cult group and somebody is killed in Lagos, you that is in Ebonyi State is a partaker of it. It is going to be a big war. It is either I make the war with you here or I allow the federal government to make war with you.

“I have never being in cult and if I could bear this through God grace, meaning that cultism is not what has earned you to where you are today but it can remove you from where you are. We were indicted very badly from the centre under the security agencies because the names of those that do them, that are state officials are clearly known.

“These cultists kill our people at the slightest provocation. You may start a fire but you may not be able to quench it. Whatever that a man soweth, that’s what he shall reap. If you partake in the shedding of innocent blood of people’s children, it means your own children will be in danger. Let us reflect on these things.

“Cultism does not give you protection or strength. Lives are being lost. Am told few days ago that Akpuoha people are in a crisis because of cultism and I have ordered the security agencies to go and catch all of them and put them in prison.

“If you are cultists and you are not ready to repent and save the lives of our people, God will take your own life in the next seven days. As a father of the state, I curse you and your linage.

“There is nothing else to say than to tell you that the killings of our people give me night mares. People are being slaughtered as if they are chicken. They are killed as if tomorrow they will rise,” he added.


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