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Governor Wike reveals how the military was planning the coup in the 2019 elections



Governor Wike reveals how the military was planning the coup in the 2019 elections

The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, has asserted that the Nigerian Army organized an overthrow against Rivers State, amid the 2019 General Elections, depicting their activities as the most noticeably awful in the country’s law based history.

Wike expressed this while tending to the Joint House of Representatives Committees on Army, Police, Human Rights, and Justice at the Government House Port Harcourt on Monday.

As per the Governor, the Nigerian Army acted wrongfully because they were attempting to force a pre-decided initiative on Rivers State.

He stated: “It is incredibly awful. We all realize that there was an overthrow in this state, sorted out by the Nigerian Army. Ever of a nation, it has never happened where amid a standard decision, the Army will start to slaughter individuals on no great motivation.

“Since they trust a specific individual or a specific gathering must win, it doesn’t make a difference what the number of individuals kicks the bucket. It appeared National Television. We observed how the Army attacked the entire Electoral Commission.”

Wike likewise asserted that the Federal Government has never attempted to help Rivers State Government battle frailty.

“This is the leading express the Federal Government has never helped to battle uncertainty. Rather than us to collaborate and battle uncertainty, you politicize it.

“Regardless of whether you make proposals, nothing will occur. I don’t know whether we are in a military routine or Civil Administration,” he included.

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