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How First Nation MD provided forged document for N1.7bn loan – Polaris Bank tells court



How First Nation MD provided forged document for N1.7bn loan – Polaris Bank tells court

An indictment witness, Mr. Patrick Ogo, on Friday told an Ikeja Special Offenses Court that Kayode Odukoya, Managing Director, First Nation Airways, verified an N1.7 billion advance from Skye Bank with a manufactured archive.

NAN reports that Ogo, a Legal Officer with Polaris Bank, earlier Skye Bank, affirmed toward the start of the preliminary of Odukoya over asserted N1.7 billion burglary.

He was driven in proof by Mr. Anselm Ozioko, first directly to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), indicating the case.

The legitimate officer, who is the principal indictment witness, said that Odukoya, the modify the sense of self of Bellview Airlines and First Nation Airline (the second and third litigants) had, from 2007 to 2012, acquired different advance offices from the bank.

He stated: “As at December 2016, he got offices gathering to about N3.4 billion and 2.4 million dollars.

“At the purpose of the main application for these offices, the respondent attempted to profit the bank of some guarantee.

“The security incorporates properties at 29, and 30, Oduduwa Way, Ikeja, and No. 35, Ladipo Babaye St., Ikeja, which the principal litigant claimed had a place with him.

“On the premise that the property had a place with him, the bank dispensed the advance offices to the respondents.

“At the point when the bank started the home loan of these properties with specific reference to the park at No. 29, Oduduwa Way, Ikeja, with enrollment No. 33 on page 33 volume 1011 at the Lagos State Land Registry, Alausa, it was found to be false.

“Depending on same, the bank kept in touch with the Land Registry to affirm the enlisted number as outfitted by the respondent and the bank got a reaction that the alluded number does not exist in the record to the alluded property.”

The arraignment witness said that the bank, after getting input from the Land Registry, reached Odukoya who gave a notice of misfortune, a sworn affirmation, police separate and a March 8, 2013 production of National Mirror paper.

Ogo educated the court that page 50 of the paper production proclaimed that the title archive of the property was missing, expressing that whoever found the record would be rewarded abundantly.

He said that further examinations by Polaris (Skye) bank uncovered that the enlistment number of the property was phony and that Odukoya had utilized a similar feature as insurance for another advance from another bank.

“The bank’s inward examination in regard of that property demonstrated that the enlistment number of that property was Page 5, Vol. 5 of 1011, which the primary respondent had utilized as insurance.

“The bank from there on trained its outside specialist to appeal to the EFCC as respects the demonstration of the respondent.

“The educated specialist additionally kept in touch with the respondent alluding to the changed over entireties of the bank which were prior expressed as N3.4 billion and 2.4 million dollars.

“The respondent reacted that the alluded sum was not included yet instead it was N1.7 billion.

“Consequently another request was composed by our legal advisor to the EFCC to complete examination on the fake demonstration of the litigant of getting the bank’s cash by the bogus portrayal of certainties.

“Examinations were done which subsequently owned me to make expressions to the EFCC in regard of the suit,” Ogo said.

The observer said that the credits were conceded to Odukoya because his application construed some earnestness for the assets to run the activities of First Nation Airway and Bellview Airlines.

“My master, when Bellview Airlines Ltd. was in the task, it began keeping money with Skye Bank Plc in 2006/2007.

“First Nation Airways came locally available with the equivalent modify the sense of self of the main litigant, and upon the utilization of Skye Bank, there was a reminder of comprehension wherein First Nation Airways assumed control over the extraordinary obligation of Bellview Airline.

“The cash has not been come back to the bank, my ruler, till today. This cash is about N1.7 billion as indicated by the litigant,” the Polaris Bank agent said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the EFCC is charging that Odukoya submitted imitation, utilization of false record and prevarication on March 21, 2013, in Lagos.

As indicated by the arraignment, the respondent produced the remainder of the loss of Lagos State Certificate of Occupancy enrolled as No. 33 at page 33 volume 1011 at the Lagos State Land Registry, Alausa, Lagos, all together that the archive is followed up on as authentic.

The manufactured record was asserted to be in regard of a property situated at No. 29, Oduduwa St., Ikeja, GRA, Lagos.

Odukoya is likewise asserted by the EFCC to have utilized the bogus record and furthermore gave false data on the promise, concerning the loss of the endorsement of inhabitance at the Lagos State Land Registry.

The counter unites commission likewise affirmed that on October 7, 2016, Odukoya stole and unscrupulously changed over to his utilization, N1.7 billion having a place with Skye Bank Plc.

The supposed offenses disregard Sections 85, 86(1) 278(1)(b), 285, 361(1),(a) (b), 363 and 364(1) of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011.

Be that as it may, the respondent, who was summoned on March 15, 2018, argued not blameworthy to the four-check charge of fabrication, utilization of false reports, prevarication and taking.

Equity Mojisola Dada dismissed the case until June 24 for the continuation of preliminary.


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