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How governors mismanage LG allocations – Senator Ibn Na’allah alleges



How governors mismanage LG allocations – Senator Ibn Na’allah alleges

Senator Bala Ibn Na’allah representing Kebbi South Senatorial district has expressed disdain over Nigerian governors’ alleged mismanagement of local government allocation from the Federal government.

Reacting to a motion by Senator Sabi Abdulahi on the recent order of the FG to send Local government allocation directly to their accounts, the lawmaker said, past and present governors handled LG accounts in the worst manner.

He further explained that the idea of local governments in Nigeria and that of the joint account Committee was intended to ensure grassroots development as well as the financial control, adding that the privilege was abused by governors.

Mr. President, distinguished colleagues, the intendment of the framers of our Constitution as regards to local government and its joint account was handled in worst manner by the governors. ”

“Let me even tell you what happens sir. Many governors will come and check the local government account, use it to develop their place and ignore other places.”

Ibn Na’allah made the statement while some of his colleagues are former governors, including the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki.

Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu explained that the development was in line with the effort to re-write the constitution to make it impossible for governors to abuse the LG funds.

He said it was a good development that some former governors have realised their past mistakes, saying that he had made effort at making the local government autonomous in the constitutional amendment.

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