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How I was drugged, gang-raped in Lekki hotel – Lady tells court



How I was drugged, gang-raped in Lekki hotel – Lady tells court

A 24-year-elderly person (name retained) on Wednesday described to an Ikeja Sexual Offenses and Domestic Violence Court how her companion supposedly medicated her at a club and in this manner assaulted in lodging in Lekki, Lagos.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the lady, the chief arraignment witness, affirmed in the preliminary of two dropouts of Babcock University – Don-Chima George, 25, and Olusegun Rasak, 28, accused of assault.

Driven in proof by Dr. Jide Martins, Director of Public Prosecutions, Lagos State, the observer told the court that she was welcome to Kabaal Nightclub arranged at Ikoyi, Lagos, by George who was her companion.

The supposed assault-injured individual, who affirmed for one and half hours, stated: “At first, I would not like to go, I was reluctant, I told Chima yet he demanded I come. He additionally said that his birthday was a couple of days away and he was to commend it.

“I concurred. That was not the first occasion when we had gone out together as companions, so there was nothing strange. He requested that I meet him at the De-Lancaster Hotel. We should leave from that point to the club.

“I arrived because I knew where it was. Segun Razak was there in Chima’s room as of now; I trusted that everybody would prepare, and we left the inn to go to the club.

“We arrived, nothing strange occurred; while at the club, at about 4 am, I revealed to Chima I was worn out and needed to return home.”

She told the court that George gave her a glass of Hennessey and Coca-cola to drink, saying that the beverage was the just a single she had at the club before she dropped off George at the De-Lancaster Hotel.

“I drove, and Chima was in the vehicle with me, and I needed to drop him at the inn. Segun Razak drove his truck and had his companions in his car. We made a couple of stops at Automated Teller Machines to get some cash for the Lekki Toll Gate.

“From that point, we continued to the lodging, when we arrived, I continued to make proper acquaintance with different inhabitants of Segun’s vehicle.

“When I went into the banquet room, I found a shared companion of our own called Foluso; he was truly tanked. Being the individual that I am, I chose not to give him a chance to remain in the banquet room. I helped him and took him up to Chima’s room.

“I thumped on the entryway, and I didn’t hear anybody answer, yet I opened the entryway because-because the entryway was at that point open because the entryway was terrible.

“I got my companion inside the room and put him on the bed. After I got him on the couch, I continued conversing with him to ensure that he was alright.

“While he was resting, I was viewing a motion picture on my telephone, and from that minute, I don’t recall anything since I go out, which was strange because I, as a rule, recollect when I nod off,” she said.

Now, the observer separated in tears, describing how, in her subliminal state, she was supposedly assaulted by George and Razak.

She stated: “My next memory after going out as being in an express that I wasn’t in usually. I felt alcoholic, yet I realized I wasn’t because I didn’t drink enough to make me alcoholic.

“I felt powerless, and I could feel hands getting me, and I could likewise hear a voice in the room which I knew to be Chima’s voice, and I felt Segun over me having intercourse with me.

“I felt his (Segun) dreadlocks on my body since he had dreadlocks. I attempted to drive him off as he was contacting me. He was touching my bosoms, and I could feel another pair of hands on my thighs.

“I passed out and came up again a second time, and I could feel someone fingering me. I realized I heard Chima’s voice, and I couldn’t review what he was stating, and I felt myself being entered once more. I attempted my best to say no.

“I trust it was Chima who entered me once more. I believe it was Chima because I heard him inquiring as to whether I was alert after the majority of that; I passed out once more, and by then, I knew the two had engaged in sexual relations with me.

“I was in a state where I was not cognizant, but instead, I had a feeling that I could hear them. I woke up around 7 am. When I woke up, I was, and I was attempting to review what occurred.

“I didn’t agree to the entrance; I am 100 percent beyond any doubt I am not in an association with the two.”

The observer said that when she woke up, she stood up to George, who prevented any structure from securing sexual relations between them.

“I could feel my vagina sore; I realized that a sexual demonstration had occurred. When I woke up, Chima was in the stay with me; he was sitting in a seat inverse the bed. He was on his telephone.

“I asked, ‘Chima what happened the previous evening?’ He stated, ‘Nothing.’ At this point, Segun Razak was absent in the room. I asked the second time, and he didn’t utter a word’. I asked him straight, ‘Did we engage in sexual relations the previous evening?’

“He stated, ‘No’ and I let him know: ‘On the off chance that we didn’t, for what reason is my clothing (gasp) not on?’ He didn’t utter a word. I began searching for my clothing.

“I felt this is my companion, and he would not do that to me. I at last found my clothing under the duvet, I snatched it, got my wig and vehicle keys and went the first floor,” she said.

The observer said that she left the inn in tears, stun and perplexity, and did not have any desire to return home in her damaged state.

The observer told the court that she educated her believed companion called Musa and his better half, Seyi, about the supposed episode.

“Musa was angry, he asked me where the inn was. At first, I would not like to let him know, and I needed to return home and overlook it at any point occurred however he disclosed to me I couldn’t give them a chance to pull off it.

“He educated his more seasoned sister, Bisoye, and they all mobilized and went to the inn. They went with a police escort to the inn. When we arrived, I remained inside the vehicle, and they went to get them inside the lodging.

“Musa’s vehicle was tinted, so they didn’t realize I was in the car, they brought them out so I could see them yet they couldn’t see me.

“I could hear them being addressed. They didn’t verbalize that they did it however I could tell from their non-verbal communication that they realized they were gotten.

“At the point when these were going on, individuals began coming outside,” she said.

The lady advised the court that she went to Maroko Police Station where Musa, Bisoye and she made proclamations, including that Feb. 5, the case was accounted for to the Gender Unit of the state police direction.

She said that she went to the Amethyst Hospital, Lekki, and the Mirabel Center, for medicinal examination.

The lady affirmed that the groups of the litigants defrauded her companions, who revealed the supposed wrongdoing.

“They requested that I drop the case, however, even in the wake of demanding that I drop the case, they proceeded to capture my companion.

“I feel deceived most particularly by Chima. You should be my companion. I have no close to home association with Segun Razak, I realize him as Chima’s companion.

“I have never been to Segun’s home; I have never met his folks or his other relatives. I knew Chima as a companion, and I have met his father, I recall his dad disclosing to me how he thought I was a decent effect on him.

“For all these to occur, I feel hurt, I feel sold out,” she said.

NAN reports that the respondents are claimed by the police to have submitted the offenses on Feb. 3, from 5.00am to 7.00am at De-Lancaster Hotels, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

While at a dance club, the litigants supposedly blended the complainant’s beverage with a substance that rendered her oblivious.

The police claimed that the litigants alternated between assaulting the lady in the inn and recorded the sexual offense.

As indicated by the indictment, the offenses repudiate Sections 258 and 409 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.

Equity Abiola Soladoye suspended the case until June 13 for the continuation of preliminary.


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