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I have no regrets challenging Rivers APC leadership impunity – Senator Abe



I have no regrets challenging Rivers APC leadership impunity – Senator Abe

NEWS I have no second thoughts testing Rivers APC initiative exemption – Senator be published on May 10, 2019, By Samson Atekojo Usman

The Senator speaking to Rivers South-East Senatorial District, Magnus Abe, has expressed that the Rivers State All Progressives Congress (APC) lost the gubernatorial competitor in the 2019 general decision because of initiative exemption.

Reviewing encounters of his travails in a meeting with DAILY POST in Abuja as Rivers governorship applicant, the legislator kept up that the decision gathering would be more grounded if it permits its individuals’ support as opposed to foisting choice on them.

Abe said he had no second thoughts over the contention that prevented the APC in Rivers from handling the gubernatorial competitor, including that he will challenge the gathering if a similar situation plays out once more.

“I have no second thoughts at all for what I did. I am pleased with what I did, and if it happens once more, I will do precisely what I did, and I figure the gathering would be more grounded if it is kept running as indicated by its standards; as per its constitution.

“On the off chance that the individuals are noble and regarded, it makes the gathering more grounded.

“A gathering competitor is the thing that makes the gathering. Having a competitor isn’t the most significant in a gathering. Having an applicant is a piece of what makes the gathering. An ideological group is about a belief system about improving lives. You can have applicants that don’t add to improving lives.”

The official trusts that it was a value that Rivers APC needed to pay for permitting godfatherism impact the selection of its gubernatorial applicants, taking note of that the outster would assemble the gathering in future.

“Indeed, tragically we finished not having hopefuls in Rivers State, it is the value we needed to pay to construct a gathering that regards the standard of law.

“We should be prepared to manufacture majority rule government and in doing that. Individuals must take the bull by the horn. Give me a chance to sound notice to ideological groups, yet to players in the gatherings that they will keep on losing races on the off chance that they don’t enable their individuals to contribute.

“Individuals must be permitted to contribute. Nigeria is changing, and we all must be prepared to change.

“Despite everything I demand that steadfastness to the gathering isn’t faithfulness to the Chairman nor dedication to the pioneer; it’s unwaveringness to the principles of the part, and that is the thing that party excellent quality methods.

There has been no adoration lost between Senator Abe and his past political guardians and Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi over his gubernatorial desire.


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