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Imo: Why we are investigating Gov. Okorocha – EFCC



The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Friday uncovered that it’s exploring the Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha.

EFCC uncovered that it’s exploring Okorocha and the state government for an instance of illegal tax avoidance.

The Commission’s zonal head for South East, Usman Imam amid instructions yesterday said the state government utilized assets implied for laborers amid the closed decisions.

Usman expressed that the Commission’s agents blocked records having a place with the state government in the development to the race, following a tip-off.

As per Usman, EFCC’s convenient intercession spared the state over N5bn that would have been conveyed for vote purchasing by the Okorocha’s organization.

He stated: “About N7.9bn is the thing that had been blocked, even though with weight, in this manner, about N2.5bn was discharged for pay rates. Overall, we have over N5bn of those assets blocked; we are following up to perceive what occurred.

“Truly, what we found was that inside two days, N700m was pulled back in real money; N200m on the first day and N500m on the second day and all these monies were dispensed in an unpalatable way.

“Conveyance to teachers; I don’t have the foggiest idea, schools that you were not subsidizing and you wake up on the eve of the decision and pulled back N500m money and begin dispersing N1000 each or so to educators. Whatever that implies, I don’t have the foggiest idea.

“When we came in, we had the option to spare around seventy something a vast number of the assets that we found were not dispensed, and we likewise blocked it. Individuals are as yet responding to inquiries concerning who requested that they move those monies, monies that were hindered at the banks.

“The dark tale about this was these monies were the mediation reserves; the bailout reserves that the Federal Government discharged to states to pay compensations when they were having issues paying pay rates.

“They didn’t use that cash to pay the pay rates; they warehoused it and kept it until the decision time frame, they began endeavoring to draw down the cash. Whatever occurs, we have spared over N5bn of that cash, as we talk, two weeks to handover. Presumably, the next government would have that cash to utilize it better. There is a great deal of other general examinations going on in IMO at present.”


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