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Lanlehin Finally Celebrates Saki-born Politician, Koleosho at 81



Senator Olufemi Lanlehin (SOLAN) joins millions of spectators today to congratulate Chief Michael Adeniyi Koleosho on his 81st birthday, and describes the politician born in Saki as a democrat par excellence, a model. And a faithful truth, justice and equity.

Lanlehin, leader of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) in the state of Oyo, appreciates God in the life of the Sakalaje of Saki, for the giant steps he has taken during his stay of more than four times on the planet. as well as for his innumerable philanthropic gestures, which show him as a man with a big heart.

Lanlehin, who congratulated Chief Koleosho, former secretary of the Oyo State Government and National President of the Alliance for Democracy (AD), for being a worthy leader, a reliable ally and a committed party man, argues that the government of Nigeria needs sincere statesmen like Chief Koleosho on his journey towards progress, peace and prosperity.

In calling on budding politicians to draw inspiration from the life of Chief Koleosho whom he described as a living legend, Senator Lanlehin affirmed that his position of principle, his loyalty and his commitment to worthy causes proclaimed him with pride. Example worthy of emulation.

On the occasion of his 81st birthday today, April 30, 2019, Senator Lanlehin wishes the leader Michael Adeniyi Koleosho good health, vigor and vitality, as well as the inspiration and ideas to lead the boat of progressive state policy of Oyo and Nigeria .

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