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Latest news: Eddy Ugboma died at age 79



Latest news: Eddy Ugboma died at age 79

Veteran movie producer and TV character, Chief Eddy Ugboma is dead. He kicked the bucket early today while being set up for the medical procedure in Lagos.

Affirming his demise, relatives who talked on the ground of namelessness stated: “It is extremely valid, Daddy is dead! he kicked the bucket toward the beginning of today.” The reaction to his predicament was attempt poor.”

Before his passing, the movie producer had been wiped out for quite a long time and had gone bereft of all pride asking for assets for his treatment abroad futile. He holds the record of the central African to have shot 13 films on celluloid. His filmography incorporates films like The Rise and Fall of Oyenusi, The Boy is Good and Mr. Predient among others.


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