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Leadership tussle: Crisis hits Jigawa Assembly, mace destroyed



Leadership tussle: Crisis hits Jigawa Assembly, mace destroyed

Emergency on Tuesday hit the Jigawa State House of Assembly over an endeavor to revise the 2015 House Standing Rule pointed ‎ at managing a few issues in the House.

GISTOK accumulated that the inconvenience began when the Speaker of the House, Alhaji Isa Idris, reported the choice to change the house standing guideline that stipulates that all previous get together speakers and delegate speakers‎ can’t compete for the situation of Speaker again in ensuing gatherings.

The proposed altered principle will likewise exclude any foremost officer that was suspended or arraigned to re-challenge for the situation of Speaker once more.

“Just positioning part with related authoritative experience ought to be qualified for the decision or arrangement as the main office of the House.”

“Any part, who was recently indicted from the workplace of the Speaker, representative Speaker, dominant part pioneer, minority pioneer, or boss whip, will not be qualified for re-appointment or re-arrangement as chief officer of the Jigawa State House of Assembly,” the law said.

Inconvenience, notwithstanding, began when a few individuals, who wished to restore a previous speaker, who was denounced three years prior kicked against the choice.

The part speaking to ‎Yankwashi state voting public Abdulrahman Alkassim drove the campaign by restricting the proposed alteration, which was likewise upheld by the lion’s share of the individuals.

The contradicting individuals were additionally tested by different individuals that needed the revision, which may at last plan out a previous speaker that was indicted from re-challenging for the speakership position which leads to the annihilation of the get-together mace.

Discoveries by our columnist demonstrated that there were underground developments by specific individuals to denounce the present Speaker, Alhaji Isa Idris and supplant him with the reprimanded previous Speaker, Alhaji Idris Garba.

In the interim, security agents have blockaded the first passage of the get-together, in this manner denying other staff and columnist entrance into the Assembly.

The House has dismissed the sitting to Thursday ninth May 2019.

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