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Local contractors implore the NNPC to pay arrears for 17 months



Indigenous pipeline reconnaissance contractual workers joined to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) at the end of the week engaged the administration of the partnership to pay their compensation stipend of 17 months.

The temporary workers are explicitly accountable for ensuring Nigerian Pipeline and Storage Company (NPSC) framework 2C pipelines conveying unrefined from a treatment facility in Warri, Delta State, through Edo, Kogi states to Kaduna processing plant. It is an auxiliary of NNPC.

At a tranquil challenge at the premises of NPSC, Warri, the security protects, who are workers of MRS Oil and Gas Limited conveyed bulletins with different engravings, for example, “17 Months No Salary Empty Belle,” “We Are Pipelines Community Security from Warri-Lokoja, Please We Need Our 17 Months Salaries,” “NNPC/MRS We Need Our Money!!!,” “NNPC/MRS, We Are Dying,” among others.

Talking for the benefit of the specialists from Kogi State, Ozizi Ibrahim said before they left on the dissent, a few letters had been kept in touch with the administration of NNPC and MRS, asserting that nothing positive went their endeavors.

“We even held a challenging rally a month ago yet at the same time nothing occurred. That is the reason we are here today. We are here today to ask them for what good reason they have not paid our pay rates,” Ibrahim.

He revealed that a gathering with NPSC, they were informed that the cash had been paid to MRS, including that “they additionally disclosed to us that in about fourteen days, they are going to pay us our cash. Be that as it may, if in the following two weeks, we don’t see our cash, we are going to return again to request our qualifications calmly.”

On his part, Afekelu Obito, who spoke to the specialists from Edo State, said that they have been working for MRS and NPSC for as long as 17 months without being paid.

He included: “Our young men are feeling that we have eaten their cash and they are exasperating us. The long stretch of fasting is quick drawing nearer, and they need to get ready for the fasting time frame. How are they going to endure fasting if they don’t have cash?”

Benson Abonoko, speaking to security protects from Delta State, claimed that “MRS would not pay our cash for as long as 17 months. This is only a peaceful dissent. The administration of NNPC has guaranteed to pay us in the following two weeks, and we are pausing. On the off chance that they neglect to pay us toward the finish of about fourteen days, we are going to proceed to dissent and let the entire world realize what we are going through.”

He approached the Federal Government to meditate to determine the debate and thwart the breakdown of lawfulness.

Although endeavors to get the situation of MRS Oil and Gas on the issue demonstrated fruitlessly, a source near the organization’s administration said part installment had been obtained from NNPC, including that measures were being set up to pay the wronged temporary workers.

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