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Ngige playing ethnic card – Labour reports minister to Buhari



Ngige playing ethnic card – Labour reports minister to Buhari

Nigeria Union of Pensioners (NUP) on Monday asked President Muhammadu Buhari to call the Minister of Labor and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige, to arrange.

The NUP blamed the clergyman for endeavoring to part the body by playing the ethnic card.

The Labor association asserted that Ngige was supporting individuals from his clan to cause disarray.

NUP’s position pursued the development of another retired people’s body – Federal Parastatals and Private Sector Pensioners Association of Nigeria (FEPPAN), which as of late approached the Ministry of Labor for enlistment.

Responding, NUP General Secretary Elder Actor Zal, in an announcement stated: “Our consideration has indeed been attracted to the restored endeavors by the Minister of Labor and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige, to regroup illicitly, in spite of the retired people’s determination to stay in one unbreakable association.

“To accomplish this dishonorable goals, Dr. Ngige purposely went out on the town to shop for few disappointed components inside the association from his clan, sorted out them and supported them with government cash, including PHCN superannuation reserve to the tune of N407 million as of late gathered by oneself delegated break leader of the pastor’s retired people’s affiliation.

“We need to alarm the overall population that the exertion of the clergyman is self-serving and isn’t to the most significant advantage of the nation. Besides, what the pastor is going to do isn’t just in opposition to existing work laws, it will (likewise) sum to the expansion of new associations.

“This is the thing that the work law is managing against. Segment 3(2) of the Trade Union Act unmistakably settles this issue when it says “no worker’s guild will be enlisted to speak to specialists or businesses in a spot where there as of now exists a worker’s organization.

“Consequently, the drafters of the Trade Union Act placed that there ought to be just a single association in every industry speaking to the enthusiasm of specialists in that part.

“For instance, Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in the college, Non-Academic Staff Union of Universities and Allied Institutions (NASU) for (junior) non-scholastic specialists, the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) for all educators, among others.

“The clergyman’s aim of window-looking for approaches to partitioning our association isn’t just brutal and unrefined yet the stature of the harshness of an administration deputy.”

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