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Nigeria cannot be great by wishful thinking – AMORC



Nigeria cannot be great by wishful thinking – AMORC

The Grand Administrator and Director of the Board of Rosicrucian Order, (AMORC), Mr. Kenneth Idiodi, has approached government at all dimensions, conventional, religious pioneers and Nigerians to join the ethical battle to stop all demonstrations of psychological warfare, killings, banditry, kidnappings and abhor among different issues that have perplexed the country.

Idiodi expressed this in Lagos while conveying his appreciated location at the open workshop of the gathering.

He criticized all the additional legal killings that have been tenacious in the country.

He said that bringing youngsters up in a climate of unending killings and detest demonstrates disappointment of government.

He said AMORC, as an association lectures great initiative, equity, reasonableness, successful portrayal and participatory majority rules system which can better the parcel of everybody in the general public.

“When Nigeria apparently is a nation that has essentially all religious groups on the planet, when numerous guests consider Nigeria to be a profoundly religious-situated society and a country with unremitting requires the Almighty intercession in her issues, Rosicrucian have considered ‘otherworldliness for social equity’ as a method for adding our voice to equity in the nation.

He said Nigeria and most social orders on the planet are laden with a wide range of issues, for example, neediness, hunger, sick wellbeing, wrongdoing, fear mongering and segregation, which are altogether brought about by maladministration and bad form.

“Be that as it may, in the plan of things, when society prevents a few people from claiming a lot of products and enterprises while others get more than they merited an unevenness is made in its inner structure.”

Idiodi focused on that it happens that there is one bad habit that is in charge of most if not the various indecencies and that is lousy societal form. The crucial parity of the general public must be kept up by equity.”

Accomplishing social equity, concurring Idiodi, requires the sort of understanding that is increased through otherworldly advancement. He stressed that the conference topic “Profound for Social Justice” is in this manner exceptionally fitting as a subject for thought in this day and age.

He said each time individuals from the association meet, and they are helped to remember these qualities and how to maintain them and teach them in others for the general public to be an excellent spot.

He regretted the abnormal state of unserious among Nigerian individuals, including that the most despicable aspect of the nation is prefaced on it.

His words: “On the off chance that we need our nation to work, we must be not kidding and plan for it. Nigeria can’t be extraordinary dependent on unrealistic reasoning; we need to plan and work towards it as genuine individuals do. The individuals who are forecasting about the eventual fate of Nigeria are merely deluding themselves.We need to work for the sort of Nigeria we need later on now.

“We can make the sort of Nigeria we need by being not kidding with our arranging which is a significant advance during the time spent succeed; we can’t make a Nigeria of our longing through expectations and predictions.

“At whatever point we become genuine about pushing Nigeria ahead, at that point Nigeria will be incredible once more; all we need is only one portion of earnestness. Lip service ought to be disposed of; let us quit fooling around as a people since we have everything necessary to be the place we need to be,” he said.

A specialist, Prof Victor Ariole, who introduced a paper on “Otherworldliness and social equity crosswise over legends and societies,” said Nigeria needs only a few ideological groups to handle the base of foul play.

Additionally, Dr. Fassy Yusuf, one of the facilitators at the occasion who displayed a paper on “Administration and Spirituality: The missing connection,” lamented that Nigeria as a country needs great pioneers and that is the real situation the country faces right now.

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