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Nigerian government urged to reduce political parties



Nigerian government urged to reduce political parties

Victor Ariole of the Department of French, Lagos State University, on Saturday informed the Federal Government concerning Nigeria to streamline the number of ideological groups in the nation into a few gathering frameworks.

NAN reports that Ariole gave the guidance amid the 2019 Lagos Rosicrucian Conclave with the subject: “Otherworldliness for Social Justice”, held at ISIS Temple, Illupeju, Lagos.

He said that working a few gathering frameworks would empower the electorate to pick their pioneers equitably without predisposition or perplexity.

As per him, the multi-party framework worked in the nation was an unimportant misuse of the country’s assets.

“We host 91 political gatherings in the nation by and by which are altogether subsidized by the administration; this is inside and out misuse of our country’s assets.

“I will prompt we streamline these gatherings to a few to control against perplexity on which gathering to put in power and deal with our assets well,” he said.

Ariole asked FG to be wholly dependable and receptive to the necessities of Nigerians which included wellbeing, lodging, training, and sustenance.

He asked the legislature to see these necessities as a need to guarantee that they are effectively available for individuals to live gently and in agreement.

“We are the most extravagant country among the West Africa nations however we appear to be the least fortunate because we have not adequately directed our vitality toward productive endeavors,” he said.


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