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Nigerians react as Bill Gates sends message to Buhari



Philanthropist and founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates on Wednesday congratulated President Muhammadu Buhari on his re-election.

Speaking in a telephone call,In response, Buhari reiterated his opinion that Gates’ wealth has benefited Nigeria’s development, and expressed appreciation for the call.

But, Bill Gates’ message to Buhari has since stirred reactions from Nigerians online.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter:

@Islimfit “And you people will say this government has not achieved anything. Bill Gates’ call to Buhari is a massive achievement. Watch how it will impact the economy. Before you know it, petrol will be sold at 50Naira per Liter, and Garri will be sold free. You this ungrateful lots!”

@Mydeji247 “We’re now in the era where a call from a business mogul and international philanthropist to a poverty-stricken third world country’s clueless President is considered an achievement.”

@Seconi12322 “And wailers would say he hasn’t achieved anything. Congratulations Buhari on your glorious call from Bill Gates, it’s indeed a win for our democracy.”

@Boston800 “It doesn’t matter if Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos join Bill Gates to call Buhari. They cannot manufacture a nonexistent WAEC certificate. Gate’s Microsoft cannot wipe away the INEC server under Atiku possession!”

@Dapoplenty “Have your Buhari acted on Bill Gates advice to the presidency to spend more on human development rather we experiencing deaths, citizens incarceration, poverty striking and every other vice. Shameful elements.”

@Sf_Adebayo “Bill Gates had to clear all schedule to place a call to the most “successful president in Africa” This is indeed great for our democracy, clearly this will make the price of petrol slashed down and ‘Kano Rice’ shared freely to Nigerians. It is indeed a great day for our country.”

@Emmanuelpopson “Bill Gate is an entrepreneur he can be at any country anytime. Our government shd look inwards and think deeply. the unemployment is worrisome and imagine Customs job placement and over 91000 applied in 24 hours is quite pathetic. There are no jobs.”

@Counter_40 “This is definitely a plus to our democracy. Haters of Buhari will now say Baba is not working, Next level jare, next call will be from Micheal Jackson to relay more congratulatory message from the land of the spirits on behalf of the Nigerian Greatest leader Abacha.”

@McCollins_NG “How does the call affect the value of USD to Naira? Are these types of call suppose to be a big deal? Why the public announcement?”

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