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NNPC’S Baru Seeks Better Synergy Between Academia And Oil Industry To Drive Development



The Group Managing Director of the Corporation, Maikanti Baru, made the statement at a convocation lecture of the Federal University Of Petroleum Resources, Effurun In Delta State.

The evolving oil and gas industry remains critical to Nigeria’s economic growth but what the country may have failed to utilize effectively for success in the oil industry is its vast human resource.

Baru shares in this sentiment and believes that the petroleum university in Effurun is better positioned to bridge the gap for sustainable economic growth and development.

Since Nigeria is not planning to remain as a crude oil exporter, the country needs to key into global competitiveness to achieve this.

Nigeria’s education system must be tailored to technical needs in the oil industry with graduates who can apply the knowledge to solve many of Nigeria’s energy challenges.

Universities all over the world are known for contributing vital resources to development.  At the moment, unemployment and underemployment are put at 43.3% in Nigeria and with graduate being churned out of the universities on a regular basis. The NNPC says it is ready to work with the federal petroleum resources university and other universities, which can develop relevant researches to boost efficiency in the oil and gas sector.

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