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Ogun APC attacks Amosun’s government against workers’ wages



The Ogun State section of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has assailed its active senator, Ibikunle Amosun, for purportedly redirecting state specialists’ pay.

The gathering blamed the representative for fixing specialists’ compensation in a store represent individual intrigue.

Representative Amosun had amid the Workers’ Day festivity in Abeokuta told the laborers they would begin getting cautions for the underlying findings made on their compensation from May 2.

While the APC recognized that the specialists had been paid the unfulfilled obligations as guaranteed, the gathering asked the senator to likewise spend the intrigue accruable on the reserve kept in a fixed store account.

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An announcement marked and issued in Abeokuta by the gathering’s state exposure secretary, Tunde Oladunjoye read to a limited extent, “Amosun ought to cover his head in disgrace. He has not done any exceptional support for the specialists.

“He ought to have paid the laborers with the premiums on their cash he utilized as fixed stores with driving business banks for quite a long time, in this way harvesting billions of naira in premium.

“Or then again where did Amosun all of a sudden get the cash when there is no overabundance unrefined petroleum installment, Paris Club discount or bailout by the FG.

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“On the off chance that Amosun has given these assets to the proprietors when due, rather than exchanging with them, numerous who lost their lives would have been spared; numerous families would not have been broken, and numerous who grew hypertension and related ailments would have been spared from such infirmities.”


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