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Ogun farmers report Chinese to Buhari



Igbesa and Ejila people group in Ado-Odo/Ota, Local Government Areas of Ogun State, have approached President Muhammadu Buhari and the Ogun representative, Ibikunle Amosun, to spare them from the Chinese infringing on their territory.

The people group pioneers and landowners told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) amid a visit to their networks that more than 485 hectares of farmland had so far been devastated by the Chinese.

The pioneers said that all endeavors to alert the Chinese financial specialists not to surpass the zone set apart for the Ogun-Guangdong Free Trade Zone had fizzled.

Mr. Solomon Ajose, the Chairman, Land Owners Committee of Igbesaland, revealed to NAN that they had no issues with the Chinese financial specialists until 2017 when they started to look for more packages of land.

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Ajose said that when the network chiefs moved toward the Chinese on their activities, they took steps to manage them while alluding to 1977 obtaining.

“This issue began in 2017, when one of us, Alhaji Kabiru Ajayi, together with Manager of Ogun-Guangdong, Daniel Sheu, came to state that administration had procured our territory and we revealed to them that our property was not obtained.

“They were making reference to 1977 Acquisition, and we revealed to them that 1977 obtaining did not stretch out to Igbesa, it finished at Opic in Agbara zone that they ought not to utilize that.

“These individuals are as yet making a case for that 1977 procurement and Igbesa isn’t referenced in the journal. Genuinely, Ogun State Government came here through a previous Deputy Governor, Alhaji Badru who consulted with the network.

“What they network gave them was 250 hectares for the foundation of Ogun-Guangdong Free Trade Zone and that record is right now in Bureau of Lands.”

He additionally uncovered that: “They went further to a network called Ejila including 12 towns, here one of the children called Commissioner Akinremi, consulted with the system which gave them 400 hectares.

“Those were the packages of land given to the Ogun State Government, and that was what they presently provided for Ogun-Guangdong for the foundation of their organization.

“In any case, in 2018, a few people from the network in intrigue with the administration of the Ogun-Guangdong came in with bulldozers and cleared all our money crops, sustenance crops and whatever another thing that gets pay.

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“The people group of Ejila and Igbesa are significantly ranchers, we live on cultivating, we train our youngsters through school from continues of growing, and our folks were ranchers.

“Our solitary any desire for survival has been cut off, dashed; we are in an awful circumstance in Igbesa here. Cash isn’t coming in, and you are not prepared to go into theft and different violations,” Ajose said.

He said that however, the network was not against the administration of Ogun State obtaining lands for open endeavors, yet that it ought to be done the correct way and that the systems ought to be investors in such business adventures.

As indicated by him, “The 1,210 hectares the Chinese are infringing into was not given to them. Up until now, no considerations, meetings, or payment has been paid to the genuine land proprietors, and we are not mentioning for their payment.

“Give them a chance to stay in the one given to them. Though the land given to Ogun-Guangdong is as yet lying neglected at Ejila, yet they are here to take what we use for cultivating.

“Leave our 485 hectares of land for cultivating to us. We request to President Buhari and Ogun government to alert these Chinese individuals since they are utilizing policemen to annoy us,” he said.

Mr. Adebayo Akinola, a Food Technologist, who had 21 sections of land and ten sections of land of cassava ranch effectively wrecked by the Chinese, said that it was worth over N10 million.

Communicating his dismay, Akinola disclosed to NAN that the Chinese moved toward him with a token of under N50,000 however he declined just to be informed that there were bulldozers on the land, decimating his cassava.

“We acquired 21 sections of land at some point in 1990 to have an expansion of a school where I am the director. In 2011, the family that sold the property to us began raising issues when the Chinese came, and they needed land.

“We went to court, and the judgment was to support us, that the land had a place with us. At that point in 2016, the Chinese moved toward us that they needed to purchase the property for inns and make streets from their processing plant to the first street, we declined that we would prefer not to sell.

“Just for us to hear in 2018 that they said they are the proprietors of the land. At present, they have pulled down the fence. I had ten sections of the area where I planted cassava worth about N15 million. Presently the land has been cleared.

“We have court judgment on this land. I am as yet endeavoring to get over the misfortune since we have put in so much and this is a risk to nourishment adequacy in the nation. It is a danger to environmental change as well, how might you clear all the timberland around there.”

He stated: “We are arguing to Buhari to recover our property from these Chinese individuals. We have not moved toward government since we purchased the land from a family and the families have said that they have reached the legislature.

“Be that as it may, the government still can’t seem to give them any positive answer. When we detailed the case to the Igbesa Police Division, they said that we ought not to go to battle because the case was past them,” Akinola said.

He said that his ranch specialists were currently out of occupations and that he was bewildered concerning how to think about them.

Mrs. Gbonke Dalamu, an alum of the Obafemi Awolowo University, clarified that she was jobless before relatives contributed cash for her to set up a square organization in the territory.

Dalamu stated: “A few years back, my relatives contributed cash for me because there was no activity after I graduated to begin an independent venture, so my better half and I came here to sell bond and shape squares.

“In February 2018, the Chinese individuals came here and said that they needed to see my better half after the gathering, they told my significant other that they have something to give him for him to relinquish the land and my significant other said no, that he couldn’t pitch his rights or Nigeria to China.

“In this way, they mentioned to have another dialog, and my better half guided them to go to his home in Lagos then my significant other called the other land proprietors he could reach to be available at the gathering moreover.

“There was one Mr. Kabiru that spoken to the Chinese and he was furious with my better half that he needed to see just my significant other, for what reason did he call others and my better half said whatever you need to state you should state it before everybody.

“Kabiru left without saying anything. Just for my significant other to get risk messages from one Mr. Daniel, who we accept is the leader of the Guangdong firm here.

“In the content, he stated, since you would not participate, it is in your eyes that we will obliterate everything in your property. Just for us to get a call that the Chinese had begun to fence the entire region and they devastated all we had on the land,” she said.

Another land proprietor distinguished as Brother Seun, who had a poultry ranch in the influenced territory, just came in the wake of being called to see bulldozers crushing his fence and door as Correspondents of NAN went round the zone.

A resigned Headmistress, Mrs. Kudirat Awoleye, revealed to NAN journalists that her coconut, Kolanuts, palm-trees and cocoa ranches which she acquired from her folks had been obliterated.

Awoleye said that when she endeavored to stop them, she was whisked away by policemen and endeavors were made by the network heads to discharge her.

“For the present, I don’t have anything to leave for my youngsters anymore. I don’t have anything, and I am just resigned, what would I be able to do separated from cultivating,” she said.

At the point when NAN visited the network which had a terrible access street with fixes going on in certain regions, it was quiet with no significant financial exercises took note.

Additionally, it was seen that in the Ejila territory, the Chinese financial specialists had burrowed a motte to cut off inhabitants from their regions and properties, yet the proprietors of the land had filled a piece of the motte to empower occupants to get to their towns.

At the point when NAN likewise visited the Ogun-Guangdong Free Trade Zone office, the Chinese speculators denied its journalists section into their premises.

A Police officer at the premises, called one Mr. Sebastian, was said to represent Mr. Daniel Sheu, the organization’s director who was supposed to be away.

Sebastian requested that he see him and when the overseer returned, he said Sebastian mentioned that NAN ought to compose a letter which would be considered before they would concede an authorization.


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