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Okoro raises alarm over life threats, accuses former DG – IMAN crisis



IMAN, (NATforce) Acting Director-General, Ambassador Chijioke Okoro, Thursday raised the alarm, accusing former DG, Philemon Leha of plotting to assassinate him.

Okoro also alleged that Leha has been arm-twisting IMAN national secretariat to renew his appointment.

The IMAN DG made these allegations while briefing newsmen in Abuja.

But when grilled on why Leha was after his life, he explained, “Since I was announced the DG, Leha has not been comfortable with it. He called our Lagos Director, Mr. Tony Ohagwu and pleaded with him to allow his Personal Assistant, PA, Shadrack Ndatuwo, to come to Lagos. He doesn’t want to rest and enjoy his retirement from the Nigeria Police Force, NPF.

“Leha rented his Hilux Van and Prado Jeep to the tune of N1,500,000.00, every month to IMAN which is another dimension of milking IMAN dry. That’s why he doesn’t want to leave IMAN.

“But Ohagwu rejected his plea to allow Ndatuwo to come back to Lagos. My life is under threat because Leha sees me as a stumbling block to his quest to hijack IMAN.

“Major-General Collins Ihiekire (rtd) was the first DG of IMAN, former IGP, Mike Okiro, was also the DG of IMAN.

“All these prominent Nigerians left without threatening any of the IMAN staff. Why should the case of Philemon Leha, DIG, (rtd) be different?

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“Leha is trying to hijack IMAN Special Taskforce through his PA, Sgt Shadrack Ndatuwo, who doesn’t want to do police job again except IMAN job even when BOT members who employed Leha had complained to him that they no longer want Shadrack in IMAN. Leha has become a thorn on IMAN’s flesh”.

When contacted, however, Leha denied all the allegations.

He said, “I have not collected any money. I have been in IMAN for the past two years. I’m just a nominal member. And I’m preparing to tender my resignation in a short time.

“I have no boys in Lagos. Lagos has an IMAN Director called Mr.Tony Ohagwu. And the boys in Lagos are under the director.

“I’m now in Yola not Lagos and, I don’t know what is happening there.

“I have no Prado Jeep and has not collected any money from anybody. Is it in dream that I was collecting N1.5m?

“Anybody claiming to have paid me N1.5m must have evidence either by bank transfer or cash transaction.

“Since I joined IMAN, I have not been paid or collected even a kobo”.


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