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Oyewole: Former Biafra soldier explains why Zik, Okpara and Fani-Kayode were not killed in the 1966 coup



Resigned Lt. Fola Oyewole, a Nigerian Military Officer of the Yoruba stock, who battled in favor of Biafra amid the conventional war, has clarified why Remi Fani-Kayode, father of ex-Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode was not executed amid the central overthrow in 1966.

Oyewole, was, because of the central overthrow 50 years back, detained in Lagos and in Enugu yet was discharged by Lt Col Odumegwu Ojukwu.

There has been a political tilt on how the overthrow was done, and it has been creating debate until today. Pundits said the upset was unbalanced.

For example, Ladoke Akintola was murdered in the West, at that point Nnamdi Azikiwe and Mike Okpara “were nowhere to be found,” amid the upset, making some to trust that it was an ‘Igbo overthrow.’

The contention was that Zik and other Igbo pioneers got wind of what would occur and left.

Pioneers from different parts were slaughtered, and the Igbo heads were said to have been permitted to get away.

Be that as it may, clarifying this in a meeting with The News, Oyewole stated, “I wouldn’t buy into that contention.

“They said Zik was sick, he was going for treatment, and afterward he left the nation and at the season of the upset, he wasn’t there, regardless of whether he got wind or he didn’t get wind of it, I would not know.

“The individuals who arranged the upset probably taken a choice however it appears that it was not in totality purposeful.

“I give you a particular model, the flag beginning the activity in Enugu was conveyed that morning and it said: ‘Capture, secure the key focuses and sit tight for further directions.’

“Furthermore, in the event that you are in uncertainty, that was the reason Fani Kayode was captured in Ibadan and conveyed down to Lagos, they needed to murder him however what prevented them from executing him in his home in Ibadan was a direct result of the guidelines (hanging tight for further guidelines) and he was conveyed down to Lagos.”

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