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Oyo APC faction group fights against Adelabu’s appointment as minister



Adebayo Adelabu leader of the party appoint as minister and Oyo APC faction group fights against condemned the call by the presidents of the ruling parties to serve as governor of the party in the elections that have just ended in the elections in Oyo, Oyo State. as well as the Reformers. as well as nominated state nominee for the ministerial post.

The group also called for the immediate dissolution of party leaders, from parish to state level, to allow a more popular and proactive executive to manage the party’s affairs.

In a statement issued by the group’s secretary, Sulaimon Ramon, the reformers said the party had lost the elections due to the imposition of candidates, the lack of internal democracy, internal quarrels and the high authority of the country. governor.

The group also condemns the call made by party presidents at the LG level to nominate the party’s leadership candidate in the last elections, Adebayo Adelabu, both party leader and candidate for ministerial posts.

The statement reads in part: “We lost the election because of the imposition of candidates, the lack of internal democracy, internal disputes, the high impartiality of the governor and the incompetence of the executive. party led by leader Akin Oke.

“What Oyo State needs now is a strong and patriotic college of political party leaders, led by an experienced leader with credibility, solid knowledge of politics, a mobilization of the base, a kindness and an army of loyal supporters. This is far from the responsibility of a political novice like Adelabu. ”

The group accused the party presidents of making the statement as a setback to the former governor candidate after publicizing the buses used in the last election by their various local governments.

He advised presidents to understand that the party is more important than the greed and interest of all of them, noting that “this is how they greeted and shouted Sheu until Ajimobi lead to the current dungeon.

APC reformers, however, advised national party leaders to note that with the statement attributed to party presidents at the local government level, they had not learned the lessons of the last avoidable failure in elections and that they had not yet traced their steps for the future. Success.

He then called for the immediate dissolution of the entire party executive, from the constituency to the state, to allow for integration, harmonization and a new democratic congress that “will inaugurate a pragmatic, populist executive”. and proactive “.

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