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Pope Francis’ 11th commandment: ‘Thou shall not gossip’ inside beauty salons



Pope Francis has regularly cautioned against tattling among companions and neighbors, however, at this point, he says it ought to likewise be stayed away from in those cutting edge sanctuaries of modest talk: excellence parlors and hair salons.

The pope admonished somewhere in the range of 230 Italian Catholic hair cutters, beauticians and beauticians – on a gathering journey to Rome – to “abstain from falling into the allurement of tattle that is effectively connected with your work.”

Instead, they should seek after their calling “with Christian style, treating customers with tenderness and graciousness, offering them generally a decent word and support,” he said.

Francis noticed their benefactor holy person is Saint Martin de Porres: a sixteenth-century hair stylist specialist who joined the Dominican request in Peru and went through quite a bit of his time on earth helping poor people and wiped out.

Italian hair stylists and magnificence parlors are generally shut on Mondays, which is the reason the gathering picked their three day weekend to visit the Vatican.


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