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Ramadan: Residents cry out as beggars take over Abuja community



Ramadan: Residents cry out as beggars take over Abuja community

Residents of Dutse Alhaji in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja have raised the alarm over the influx of beggars in the area.

As the Ramadan fasting entered its second day, some beggars on Tuesday flooded Dutse Alhaji area of the Federal Capital Territory, begging for alms.

Most of them, Muslim faithful, could be seen with their little children begging for money from motorists and passers-by.

Some residents of the area, who spoke to GISTOK on Tuesday, decried the situation, suggesting that it could be because of the Ramadan season.

Baba Owoseni, a businessman and resident of the area, told our correspondent that the current economic situation in the country has made even people who should ordinarily be working become beggars.

He said, “Well, this is the situation we find ourselves. What can we do? We can’t chase them away. They have the freedom to move to any part of the country. Why we are bothers but these people are making the streets of Abuja look dirty. It is a national embarrassment to see beggars lined up like this begging.

“It practically shows a failed government. I think the government should take note of this.”

Some others cried out that these beggars were becoming a great security threat to the area as they do not know where they are from and who they are. And judging from the current security situation in the country they may turn out to be harmful.

One Mrs. Mary Chukwuma said, ”We don’t know these people or where they are even coming from. This is a security threat to our environment.

Another resident, who pleaded anonymity, added, ”These beggars are becoming a problem for us here, they have hands and legs like every other person so why would they not engaged and make an honest living rather than subject their children to unnecessary hardship.’’

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