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Rights commission, police speak on alleged rape of women arrested in Abuja



Rights commission, police speak on alleged rape of women arrested in Abuja

The National Human Rights Commission, on Friday, brought the Director of the Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) over the late charge of the assault of ladies captured following a strike in individual pieces of the FCT.

Official Secretary of the commission, Mr. Tony Ojukwu said the chief is to show up before the commission to brief it on the job of its officers in the attack on honest residents in the FCT and going to claims of assault of those captured.

NAN reports that the welcome pursued a dissent by an alliance of everyday society gatherings to the commission over what they portrayed as constant infringement and attack on ladies by authorities of government.

Pioneer of the designation, Kemi Okenyodo of the Partners West Africa Nigeria, said that they were concerned over the ongoing strikes and sex-based savagery against ladies by the Nigeria Police and operators of FCTA Joint Task Team.

Okenyodo noticed that it was an abnormality for officers of the law to attack natives in the appearance of securing the law.

As indicated by her, these state specialists seem, by all accounts, to be explicitly focusing on ladies, while no guys were captured.

She approached the commission to set up an independent board of investigation into the occasions with the end goal of angling out the offenders and rebuffing them properly.

She asked the workplace of the Vice President to issue an order approaching all administration organizations to stop the strikes, unlawful captures and sex put together brutality against ladies concerning doubt of participating in sex work.

Okenyodo further approached the Ministry of Women Affairs to guarantee viable authorization of the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act, (VAPP).

Reacting, Mrs. Fatima Waziri-Adzer from the workplace of the Vice President, said that the present organization would not endure any demonstration of maltreatment of office.

She confirmed that those discovered blamable would be conveyed to equity to fill in as an impediment to other people.

Talking for the benefit of the police, DCP Usman Umar, said the ongoing happenings were tragic as it was miserable to see law authorization operators attacking natives.

He said the police had opened examinations concerning the issue and that the discoveries would be made open similarly as those discovered at fault would confront the full anger of the law.

The alliance re-exhibited a formal interest for the activity to the commission where it expressed that more than 100 ladies in Abuja had been as of late attacked by the police and specialists of the FCTA joint undertaking group.

The joint undertaking group contains the Department of Development Control, AEPB and the Social Development Secretariat.


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