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Senate reconsiders and adopts social work law



The Nigerian Senate has returned to and passed the Nigerian Council for Social Work Bill.The Bill entitled, “Nigerian Council for Social Work (Establishment) Bill 2017 was first passed in December 2017 by the Senate.

The Bill was from that point transmitted to President Muhammadu Buhari for his consent.

Be that as it may, Buhari, in February 2018, would not consent the Bill because of what he portrayed as the absence of clarity over the extent of the calling of Social Work.

The Bill was later sent to the Senate for thought after the dark areas that made President Buhari reject consent on the Bill, have been idealized by the different services.

The Senate, while reexamining the Bill on Wednesday, revoked seven provisions of the Bill.

The provisions include 3, 10, 11, 16(2), 18, 21(3) and (4) and 28.

At the point when consented to, the new law will perceive the foundation of the Nigerian Council for Social Work.

The Bill tries to build up the board to control the actions of expert Social Work in Nigeria.

As per the Bill, the board’s exercises will be managed by an administering gathering.

The committee, in addition to other things, will advance proficient practice and maintain Social Work morals and qualities.

The board, as indicated by the Bill when consented to by Buhari, will figure out what measures of information and aptitudes are to be achieved by people trying to progress toward becoming individual from the calling of social work and survey those gauges now and again, as conditions may require.

The board will likewise advance research and guarantee exclusive expectation and nature of preparing of Social Workers in Nigeria when the Bill is passed into law.

The Nigerian Council for Social Work will be under the absolute control of the Federal Government of Nigeria when the Bill is passed into law.


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