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Tambuwal holding a temporary mandate -Suleiman, former minister



Tambuwal holding a temporary mandate -Suleiman, former minister

Alhaji Yusuf Suleiman is the Director-General, APC Campaign Committee for 2019 general races in Sokoto State. The previous Minister for Transport, Sports and Youth Development talked widely on what unfolded amid the governorship race and endeavors by APC to recover the order. Tunde Omolehin directed the meeting.

You are the APC Campaign Director General in Sokoto State; would you be able to share your experience about the closed decisions in the state?

I have talked about this multiple occasions in the media that the current year’s decision was genuinely believable somewhat, aside from in Sokoto State where the constituent umpire traded off the activity, to the point that it was so glaring. It made a few of us trust that they are not as free as we suspected. However, I have dependably said this that Sokoto is a critical APC state.

This was shown in the last presidential and National get together decisions where our gathering progressed admirably and won overwhelmingly against the officeholder government. We won all the three senatorial seats, nine out of eleven House of Representatives seats and 16 out of 30 House of Assembly situates in the state. We likewise got dominant part votes in favor of Mr. President. All these are in no way, shape or form, little for us.

We did our work, and God delegated us with triumph. Sokoto individuals love President Muhammadu Buhari, and they likewise love and have regard for Senator Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko because they realize he has good intentions for them. You get more followership when individuals have faith in what you are doing. Presently, when you go to the issue of governorship race, in my past meetings, I had tested the INEC National Chairman, Professor Mahmoud Yakub to please take the instance of Sokoto state genuine. If you need to address the issue of appointive fakes and acts of neglect; you should investigate the first round race in Sokoto State. We truly need to realize the result for the votes.

When you take a gander at our elections in favor of our presidential applicant, the normal was 490,000 against typical of around 340,000 gathered by the PDP in Sokoto State. Be that as it may, after two weeks, at the governorship decisions, our votes in favor of the gubernatorial hopeful were 486,000 which is given or take of five percent decrease. This is an ordinary loss of votes in a race. Perhaps, around 4,000 of our supporters didn’t cast a ballot due to one reason or the other. Then again, PDP got 340,000 votes in favor of their presidential hopeful and strangely collected 490,000 votes in support of their gubernatorial competitor. This is the enchantment. There was no chance to get around 150,000 individuals can come up and alter their perspectives for the PDP medium-term.

INEC must turn out and unravel this secret. They should get all the ticket papers utilized in the decision and direct legal investigation on them since we trust a portion of these tally papers were controlled into INEC boxes. There was no chance Governor Tambuwal could get 490,000 votes without a comparing decrease in our elections. We request an answer from INEC. They should turn out and reveal to Sokoto individuals where they got their 150,000 votes. This is an issue without partiality to the action of decision court holding in the state. This ought to involve significant worry for INEC to ask itself, on the off chance that it is workable for more than 150,000 individuals to turned out and vote in favor of the representative?

Have you authoritatively laid your objections before INEC, either at National or State level?

You realize this is a post-race perception. In any case, without bias, INEC must take Sokoto State case genuine. They should arrange a criminological examination on tally papers utilized for the governorship decision. It might even uncover different issues that will reinforce the commission for further races. It will likewise fill in as impediment for any individual that might need to bargain decisions in additional time.

What is the situation of your gathering on these objections?

My gathering has examined the issue and incorporated all confirmations required for a court case. With every one of the confirmations available to us, we are certain that we will recover our command that was incidentally stolen by the PDP.

Did you take into discernment that voters may have their favored hopefuls while casting a ballot in both Presidential and governorship races?

That is correct; however, Sokoto State is the other case. You have to ponder and investigate my point high. We got more than 490,000 votes in favor of our presidential competitor and verified 486,000 votes in support of our governorship applicant.

It is peculiar that our supporters voted in favor of the President just as our gubernatorial competitor. Possibly around 4,000 voters can fall inside that class you are stating. From 490,000, we boiled down to 486,000 votes, fine. Be that as it may, what isn’t clear is how PDP cast a ballot raised from 340,000 to 490,000 without a relating decrease in our votes. This isn’t ordinary. It implies something, and some place wasn’t right. That is to say, someone, someplace stuffed the polls and that is the thing that we need INEC to disentangle.

It is safe to say that you are mindful that PDP in the state additionally made comparable charges against your gathering, mainly blaming your meeting for utilizing government may amid the survey?

On the off chance that we utilized Federal contraption as they put it and asserted, the outcome could have been shocking. I can thoroughly say that all the government may like the Army, Police, SSS, and INEC all work for PDP in the state. I am stating this with a clear awareness of other’s expectations.

Is it true that you were at Kuchi town where it was accounted for that a few people endeavored to lynch you?

Indeed. That was what occurred. PDP stalwarts were there watching and notwithstanding giggling amid the episode.

Was there no security on the ground?

There was more than 50 military staff, outfitted portable police officers with SSS present amid my assault. Be that as it may, none of them interceded. How would you clarify that? Also, they all knew me. The PDP hooligans assaulted my vehicle with stones, and different hazardous weapons and individuals were there dismissing it. This was an unmistakable verification that they all worked with PDP particularly in our fortresses.

Some state your gathering lost the race because the gubernatorial applicant it introduced was neither well known nor acquainted with Sokoto governmental issues. What is your take?

That is a successful conclusion. They can say anything they desire to state. In any case, the primary concern is this. What number of individuals turned out to cast a ballot? That is a reference point since I don’t utilize theory. It was confident that 486,000 voted in favor of my hopeful, 490,000 voted in favor of President Muhammadu Buhari. Along these lines, I don’t think APC individuals have an issue with their hopefuls. They voted in favor of him as much as they voted in favor of the President and individuals from the National Assembly. Decisions in Sokoto are not about an applicant. The PDP fixed their way in the decision. Our hopeful was bluntly assigned to fly the gathering’s banner, and he won the race with dominant part cast a ballot however the PDP fixed it.

Will your gathering make a legitimate move against PDP?

Truly. We are in court for that. We have enough proof to nail PDP in the state. With all that we have accumulated as confirmations, it merely an issue of time to recover our command.

Some opined that INEC shouldn’t have articulated rerun race because PDP succeeded at the first poll. Is that right?

It was not about your supposition or mine. It is about what the law says. That law says that where the distinction between the two driving gatherings is not precisely the complete entirety of votes dropped or number of votes in the region where race did not happen, such should be proclaimed uncertain. What’s more, that was what occurred. Where I may state, INEC failed to understand the situation was the assertion of PDP hopeful victor with only 342 votes when there were more than 1,500 votes that were dropped amid the rerun decision.

I don’t see how the Returning officer/Collation officer arrived at the finish of announcing Tambuwal as the victor of the survey. The 1,500 votes in the dropped surveying units ought to have been the decider of the rerun exercise as opposed to hopping into an end and announcing Tambuwal victor of the survey. Likewise, amid the rerun race, we understood that decisions were led in a surveying unit twice and the two outcomes were added to support the other party.

This case occurred in Rafin Gora in Kebbe neighborhood government region of the state. Amid the first race, PDP drove with around six votes, it was bluntly recorded, and that surveying unit was not for a rerun but rather because individuals in INEC needed to support the representative, they plunked down and composed another outcome with the surveying group. We whined however it appears they have closed and culminated their approach to fix the decision to support PDP. In any case, the law must follow through to its logical end.

President Buhari won with more extensive part cast a ballot in your state and was inevitably announced the champ of the presidential decision. Is it accurate to say that you were shocked about his triumph in both the state and government levels?


I am confident even the PDP supporters were not amazed. The individuals who kept running against President Buhari just did that since somebody needs to keep running against him, not because they were sure about winning in the challenge. It was extremely obvious to everyone that the President will be re-chosen since Nigerians are content with what he is doing. Just a couple of individuals probably won’t care for what he is doing; however, the entire of the oppressed was content with him. Along these lines, it isn’t, and I am likewise certain many are not shocked.

What might be his concentration in the following four years?

He has made it unmistakable in his first residency that he will guarantee that there is security in the nation by defending lives and properties everything being equal; he created an impression that he remained a troubled man on earth because of the security worries in the country. He has guided security heads to do their best in guaranteeing that lives and properties of each Nigerian are verified. The President is a man of his promise. The activity in Zamfara State has begun, and I am sure you know about that. The military men are giving a valiant effort, and it is merely an issue of time. A portion of these outlaws were leftovers of the Libya armed force ousted amid the fall of Gadaffi.

The issue of who will succeed President Buhari is now commanding the open area. What counsel did you need to offer your gathering to maintain a strategic distance from malice?

APC is an organized gathering with laws and rules. We have a lot of plans that can clear route for such a progression course of action when the opportunity arrives. By and by, we have great initiative and faithful followership. Remember that the electorate is likewise intelligent; they know the best possibility for them. I trust that my gathering will guarantee that a sound hopeful is displayed to Nigerians in 2023.


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