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Temitope Olatoye: Court grants Oyo Chief Whip N50m bail over alleged murder of lawmaker



Temitope Olatoye: Court grants Oyo Chief Whip N50m bail over alleged murder of lawmaker

A High Court sitting in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, on Thursday conceded the Chief Whip of the state House of Assembly, Mr. Olafisoye Akinmoyede, to safeguard in the aggregate of N50 million.

Akinmoyede, an individual from the decision All Progressives Congress (APC), in the state, who speaks to Lagelu State Constituency is one of the five presumes connected to the homicide of an individual from the House of Representatives, Honorable Temitope Olatoye.

Olatoye, who until his passing spoke to Akinyele/Lagelu Federal Constituency, was slaughtered by some obscure shooters on March 9, amid the gubernatorial and State House of Assembly decisions at Lalupon zone of Ibadan.

Akinmoyede, through his guidance, Mr. Michael Lana recorded implementation of key human rights suit against the police for confining his customer since March 11, without charging him to court.

Lana encouraged the court to announce the proceeded with the detainment of his customer in police care in Abuja as unlawful and an infringement of his (Akinmoyede) key human right.

He asked the court to concede safeguard to his customer pending the arraignment of his customer at the official courtroom.

Be that as it may, Justice Mashud Abbas, while conceding Akinmoyede to abandon Thursday, requested him to create two sureties in like aggregate one of who must be a government employee not beneath GL14 or individual from the state House or National Assembly.

Abbas requested that the second surety must be a blood connection with landed property worth N50 million.

The judge, grimaced at the activity of the police, portraying it as “haughty, unlawful and illegal.”

He stated, “The act of the police making captures before the examination isn’t legitimate.

“The intensity of the police to capture and confine isn’t in uncertainty however the constitution stipulates that any individual kept must be charged inside 24 hours.

“The remand request acquired by the police from an Iyaganku Magistrates’ Court terminated on April 4 and keeping the candidate past this period is fragrant defiant to the constitution.

“Acquiescence to court request ought to be the obligation of all who have confidence in the strength of Nigeria.”

The judge said the police have not given any support that would warrant the court not to give safeguard to the candidate.


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