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The DSS exposes a new method used by scammers to defraud public officials



The DSS exposes a new method used by scammers to defraud public officials

The Department of State Services, DSS, Wednesday uncovered another example of extortion where heads of offices are supposedly being fleeced of gigantic wholes of cash in the nation.

It additionally uncovered that the supposed fraudsters use names of the directing specialists of the CEOs to blackmail or downy the CEOs of colossal wholes of cash.

DSS representative, Peter Ananya said this in an announcement made accessible to reporters in Abuja.

Ananya included, “It is trusted that these fraudsters follow up for profoundly put government functionaries, the exploited people are misled to part with their assets including cash.

“In different occurrences, heads of offices are made to feel that there are implicating materials against them for which they should pay or be captured by security organizations.

“Those additionally focused on are people looking for new arrangements or recharging of terms. It is imagined that the demonstration might be at its top amid this change period when forthcoming nominees are bumping for positions.

“This notice, in this manner, fills in as an early cautioning to potential exploited people who are like this instructed to be watchful regarding the tricks of these traders.

“Additionally, they are urged to immediately answer to security offices, when drawn closer by associated deceitful people covetous with utilizing names of high positioning open authorities to deceive them.

“Concerning the Service, it will keep on joining forces with significant partners to capture the fraudsters just as guarantee the security and respectability of the country.”

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